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Very fun game! I enjoyed the various enemies and bullet patterns and the dash was so satisfying to use. It took me some time to get used to the controls but thanks to the tutorial I still managed to get all A ranks. I wish there was some details on how ranks are calculated and maybe a more difficult rank for replayability. Other than that the game felt very polished and the chiptune music was great. Good job :)

Thanks for the feedback! Using one hand to control the flippers and the other for nudging felt more natural to me but now I realize that many pinball players use the shift keys, I'll add them to the post-jam version.

Another pinball game! I like how you can control the ball like a regular platformer but still have to unlock stuff and score like a regular pinball. I also like the minimal music and some of the level design and movement reminded me of Sonic. I got a bit stuck in level 3 and 4, I think some of the mechanics could be clearer and I found the scrolling text a bit hard to read.

Other than that I had fun trying to figure out what was going on, hope you get to continue working on this :)

Interesting idea, I enjoyed the jungle music, I just wish the game was longer!

Cool idea and presentation, I like the swapping mechanic when pushing against a wall and the target shape still being visible on the top screen is a nice detail. I don't know if that was intended but you can disconnect a shape using the target squares and still push the remaining blocks together even though they're not joined anymore. I found the game to be quite easy but still very fun to play. Great job :)

Very immersive, I didn't mind the 64px filter as I thought it fit the theme well and added to the spookiness. I also had some trouble understanding what the voice said and had to wander around to progress but it wasn't too bad. Other than that I loved the mood and sound design. Well done!

Interesting island generation! I just wish there was more to do or some sort of objective.

Thanks! I used the OimoPhysics engine for collision detection/response. Some of the movement is custom, for example when rolling on a rail the ball is not simulated and just follows the curve. Or when nudged the ball will not be affected by gravity for a short time to allow it to go through straight horizontal gaps. 

Cool demake, the level design is great and I liked the additional challenges. I've never played VVVVVV and this made me want to play it next :)

Sorry about that, yeah most of my older games don't work anymore since Flash Player was discontinued. I've been working on porting them to HTML5 but it's taking some time since I also have other projects that take priority.

As expected this game ended up being very addicting, I'm not very good at survivors but managed to beat 2 modes after maxing out the shop. I found the pistol to be harder than the katana, maybe because I played the katana a lot to farm chits.

Just nitpicking but it looks like the best run text only showed the time from the last run. Also I found it hard to tell when I got hit, especially when the screen would get busy towards the end.

Anyway there is a lot of content for a jam game and I had a ton of fun experimenting with different item combinations. Looking forward to playing the full game!

Very nice glitching effects, they work great with the small resolution. I had some trouble hitting the front of the boss ship and the ball would get stuck behind it for a while, other than that the game was fun!

Cool idea, I like the simplicity of using monsters as attacks and the music fit the game perfectly. I don't know whether controller support was intended but it looks like it only works for movement and other buttons didn't do anything. Anyway that was fun, I didn't manage to get the good ending but the bad ending was very unexpected haha

I love the mechanics, the visuals are very polished and juicy (the start up animation especially reminded me of the one in Rym 9000). It's also great that you found the time to add a story! Nice work :)

Great platforming game, the difficulty was perfect for me. And thanks for including gamepad controls, I just wish I could use the analog stick to move around since I find the D-pad to be a bit uncomfortable. Well done!

Thanks for playing! There is a "dynamic camera" option in the settings, disabling it will make sure the ball stays centered and reduce the amount of jitter. Though there will still be some jitter due to how scrolling works, as you said this is expected at this resolution.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I agree I should have spent more time polishing the collisions, I'll try to fix these issues after the rating period has ended.

Thanks for continuing this, too bad the game didn't make it to Day 6!

That's so cool, thanks for bringing this to the end of the jam! Love the new name as well :)

Cool, have fun!

Thanks! I hope this game makes it to the end :)

Here is my Day 4 submission in case you'd like to work on a sci-fi top-down arcade/action game:

Galactic Crate Runner Day 4

Galactic Crate Runner Day 4

This project gave me many ideas, here is my version for day 2:

I'm new to Unity so I didn't have time to add a lot of content and it's also quite buggy, I can't wait too see all variations of this game!

Here is my entry in case anyone is interested in continuing a small physics-based puzzle game:

Are there any scenes in the Assets folder? I tried with my own project and by default Unity opens an empty scene, but I can still load any scene from the Assets folder.

Thanks for playing! The ice key is at the beginning of the first ice level.

Here is a walkthrough if you're still stuck: 

Very polished entry, I had fun beating it! My only complaint is that when there was a lot going on the coins looked a bit like bullets hitting the player, maybe you could make them smaller or make them move to the counter instead of the player

Very fun and addictive game! It took me a few tries to get used to some enemy patterns (and I'm still not sure how to kill the hornet without taking a hit) but still managed to get almost 100k points

That was fun, I liked how intense it can get after a few rounds! Unfortunately the game also froze for me after maybe 20 or 30 rounds (I kept choosing the fire rate increase bonus).

Unless you plan on adding more important entities to the game, I feel like the minimap could be replaced by an arrow pointing at the boss on the edge of the screen. I was only using it to aim at the boss but maybe I missed some other ways to use it.

As others have said there are many ways this kind of game can be expanded, I'm curious to see if you get to continue working on this in later rounds. Great work!

Very unique entry, I'm a fan of this kind of humor and I had a lot of fun with the minigames. It took me a while to get the timing of the brick minigame, my best score in hard mode was 54. Also thanks for not putting a jumpscare at the end of maze :)

That's a nice start, I hope you get to continue working on this! I didn't have too much trouble beating the boss but I found it a bit disorienting, maybe adding some detail to the ground would make it easier to see in which direction things are moving.

Congrats on beating the game on expert, I designed it to be challenging even for me (after playtesting the game for almost 20 hours during the two weeks) so this is no small feat! As far as I'm aware you're the first one who made it!

Thanks! The black hole was inspired by this shader: 

It uses sphere tracing to simulate 3d rays that bend around the black hole until they hit the accretion disk or the hole itself. The rays that escape are projected back to the 2d viewport and give the distortion effect. My version is simplified since I didn't need as much detail for a pixel art game and I wanted to make sure it didn't slow the game down. I added some constraints to limit the distortion to a certain radius, otherwise you could see reflections of the hero and the boss around the hole and the whole level was slightly distorted and looked a bit jarring. For the transition I just played around with the hole radius, bend force and accretion disk angle. The exit transition uses a similar shader with no accretion disk or black hole, only distorting the level.

Very original boss fight with a good variety of attacks. I agree that having a way to tell where you are in the fight would be great, it could be a health bar or just some visual changes on the hand (I was thinking about chopping the fingers one by one but maybe that's a bit too brutal haha)

Nice to see a puzzle game after playing all these boss fights! As others have pointed out I also had trouble distinguishing the pieces from the background since they both had the same amount of noise and similar colors. The difficulty felt right to me, I didn't use the hint though I had to remove every piece from the last puzzle to find a solution so maybe I just got lucky haha

I had fun figuring out a way to avoid the attacks and the game felt very polished. My only complaint is that the hitbox of the boss seems to be quite small, at first I thought I wasn't taking any damage by going through it on the way up and was a bit confused when I did. Also I did it, S rank!

I loved the art and the cutscene at the beginning was really cool. For some reason I thought I needed to aim before each shot and it took me a while to realize I could just hold the button and deal a lot more damage. After figuring this out I had fun beating the game, nice work!

Sorry about that! Were you using private browsing by any chance? The game will not work properly if the browser doesn't have access to localStorage for saving data. Otherwise I'm not sure what would be causing it to crash, I tried multiple browsers and it was running fine on my laptop. I'll upload desktop builds after the end of the voting period for people who are having issues with the web version.

Interesting idea, I managed to beat the game though I also had a hard time using the attack mechanic and missed a lot of notes. I think it would have been great to start with a basic flute with slower notes and have a way to upgrade it with faster and more powerful notes after you get used to the mechanic. Maybe you could also start the level with objects you have to destroy that don't attack you back. Good job, I hope to see more of this game in future rounds!

That was hilarious! I had a lot of fun spotting all the references and the game fit the theme perfectly. Great job!