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Nice bullet hell, reminded me of Bullet Audyssey! I found the game to be quite easy to beat since it was always alternating between the two colors, more difficult levels (maybe not "Galaxy Collapse"-difficulty) would have been great. Also it would be nice to add song credits to the description so that players who enjoyed them can check them out. I knew the music for level 2 was familiar but I had to use Shazam to find it again :P

Congrats on your first game jam! I wish the game was a bit longer, maybe with some more challenging levels, but for a couple days of work this is understandable. Here is my best score: 

Really cool idea and art style! I think that the enemies weren't threatening enough, I could just line up the boxes in the two middle columns and easily win without having to shoot or use the shop. Also I feel like sometimes my movement inputs didn't register when trying to move one tile at a time (maybe there is no buffering and I was pressing during the previous move?). I won't take this into account when rating since I was using Wine/Linux and it could be on my end. Nice to see that you plan on continuing to work on this game!

The art style and particle effects are so cool! The palette makes them not too distracting and I had a lot of fun beating the game. I also liked the sound design, it fit the theme well though I wish there were some music to go with it.

Impressive animations! I liked how each character has its own stage as well. I'm not very experienced with fighting games but managed to beat all 4 characters using mostly the heavy attack and special move. I almost lost against the cowboy since he attacks so fast. I'm not sure when I was supposed to use the light attack and grab, maybe a more difficult AI that forces you to use these would have been nice. The game was very fun to beat, well done!

Great idea and execution, the moving camera helps a lot given the resolution constraint. As others have said there are many ways the game could be expanded, for example by adding more slime patterns or more complex terrain that makes it harder to kill the slime. Not much else to say, the game is well polished, I just wish it was a bit longer :)

I like the shapeshifting idea, very fun to control once you get used to it! I think the screen shake was a bit too strong and made it hard to see which leg or part of the leg killed me. Also it looks like game pad works for moving around but I couldn't find any button to change forms.

Thanks a lot for playing and congrats on completing the bonus cave level! It looks like you got stuck in a wall and the game saved your starting position there, unfortunately you will have to restart the whole level from the pause menu if you want to finish it. :/

This looks like a very rare bug and I couldn't reproduce it, but next time I'll make sure to use predefined start positions so that players can't get stuck like that.

Just beat your time by 10 seconds! I choked a bit at the end but sub 2 mins seems impossible, I think I'll stop now before I get RSI haha

Interesting idea, the ending was definitely relieving! I'm surprised I made it to 3rd place on my first victory though I don't expect my score to stay there long. I found a bug where I was able to enter a wall through an inner corner. Also it looks like game pad is supported in the menus but I couldn't find any button that worked during the game.

Very cool to see this kind of game on PICO-8! I agree that the inventory was not really intuitive to use, I don't know if the console allows for more than 2 action buttons, maybe a combination could have worked as well.

I like the idea and the music was really good. I think the movement could be improved, it was a bit frustrating slipping off the sides of the desks or dying to the invisible floor while still being attached to a painting. I also didn't realize you could swing with A/D and that made the game a lot easier haha :)

Very relaxing game with intuitive controls and great sound design. It took me a couple of retries but I made it past 200 days!

I think the part when the dark comes back was a bit too long and repetitive, all I had to do was a cycle of pray and rebuild a house/farm. The main challenge for me was to remember what tiles to rebuild during the last 20 days.

Other than that I had a lot of fun, I could see this being expanded with more objectives, buildings and types of terrain generation.

I didn't expect movement at such a small resolution to work that well! The music is great and fits with the fantasy console theme.

The random level generation adds a lot to the game though I think it could be improved. Despite the high number of sections, I often got the same section twice in a row or very close to each other, and I think having some larger-scale randomness (like biomes) would be cool.

My only complaint is that at first I had some trouble distinguishing between background and foreground pixels on some sections (e.g. the bridges). Also a save system would be nice, I scored 87 points but forgot to take a screenshot and I don't have proof anymore!

I like this mechanic, very satisfying to use when you get the hang of it! My only complaint is that I couldn't see some of the icons when my character was too close to the walls. The game also froze on my first playthrough after a few levels.

I didn't expect to see a racing game in this game jam but that was fun! I think the graphics could be improved, levels like Slimy Sewers were a bit hard on the eyes for me. And I didn't realize there were 7 more tracks (and longer tracks at that!) in the menu until I read the description again, maybe a scrolling menu or some indication that there is a second page would have been useful.

Impressive animations given the constraints! I liked how heavy the character feels and how the jumps are only about timing, though it took me some time to get used to it. I didn't realize you could just wait at checkpoints to get your mirror back, I thought you had to go to the next checkpoint to get it back which made the game a bit more challenging :)

I also found a bug where I got stuck inside walls while climbing a ladder, I couldn't find a way to get back to the previous checkpoint and had to restart the game.

I had a lot of fun and the pad controls worked well for me! I liked the zoom feature and the music fit the game perfectly. I just wish there was a bit more difficulty with the golfing mechanic (maybe an optional area?) since I felt that I was still getting used to it when the game ended.

Very relaxing fishing game! Here is some feedback if you plan on continuing working on this (I played the linux build).

  • It looks like you published a debug version (or maybe it's only the window title)
  • Fullscreen support would be great for the immersion
  • The shadows on the trees (and maybe rocks) seem a bit off given that the shading implies the sun is shining from the right
  • As you said it would be nice to have some challenge/variation in the gameplay since it takes quite a while to reach the upgrades after level 2
  • Having more areas to explore would be cool as well

I hope this is useful :)

Thanks for the feedback! The fish silhouettes are just a few circles that follow each other, with the small screen resolution it gives a cool effect that's not too hard to implement (this is similar to how they did the hair in Celeste). I also wanted to make the fish look a bit more rigid by forcing the angle of the tail to be the same as the head but I couldn't fix a bug where large fish would wrap around themselves when turning too fast.

Very fun and pretty platformer! It took me some time to get used to the inventory mechanics and, as others have said, I think it could be improved to make the gameplay smoother. Other than that I can't believe this was made in Scratch, I would have never guessed if not for the green flag to start the game. Cool to see that you plan on continuing this after the jam!

This is an impressive entry, everything is well polished and you still had time to add achievements! I just wish it was a bit harder, I kind of felt bad for my opponent when he exploded. I hope you get more votes!

I'm glad you chose not to roll a random number for this one, it was fun to be able to focus on aiming and dodging! The gameplay was really satisfying, here is my best score: 

I love the dark atmosphere of this game, and the idea is well executed. I had some trouble distinguishing the two lighter shades of blue, maybe it would have helped to show the partially satisfied requirements. I still managed to complete 15 orders!

I like the idea of having a shop in a memory game! I still couldn't get past level 10 though, 5x5 was way too hard for me.

Nice puzzle design! The mechanics are easy to understand and the presentation is well polished too. The keyboard + mouse controls were a bit confusing but I guess this was a limitation of Fancade. And thanks for making me discover Fancade, it looks like a fun app to try.

Very addicting game! It never felt unfair and the number of moves you get is well balanced. Here is my best score (my last attempt was disappointing haha) :

Cool idea and presentation, the tutorial is a nice addition.  Also that jackpot SFX was really loud lol

I loved the art style and overall polish of the game, the intro was also really cool! As others have pointed out I think only seeing one face at a time made the puzzles a lot more complicated. Without any limit on the number of moves I felt like it was easier to try many moves until one worked.

I like the idea! At first It was really hard for me to even get a single point but after a few retries I could find ways to cheat more efficiently. Also I realized that the number of pips on opposite faces don't sum to 7, maybe this was intended as it would fit the theme of the game :)

Very satisfying and relaxing at the same time, maybe a bit too short. I wish there was more dice to click!

Ignoring the few bugs that were already mentioned I think there is some potential with this idea, the visual aid on the sides of the dice was also helpful. And the title screen with this music had me cracking up haha

Thanks for playing and congrats on collecting all the fish! I will give your fishing game a try.

Fun turn-based game, the pixel art and music were really nice! Maybe I was really unlucky because I kept rolling water dice again the mermaid. I still made it to level 10 :)

An amazing entry! The presentation is well polished and there is an impressive amount of content for a 48 hr jam. I like the variety of things that can happen in a single level with the dice mechanic. I wish the shot indicator would also show bounces since I found them to be a bit unpredictable at times.

I love this kind of games and your entry used the theme in a very creative way. I only had trouble distinguishing the 3 quintuplets vs 3 triplets. The freestyle mode is a nice addition too!

I'm not sure I understand which dice the effect comes from but it was still fun stacking them. Also you can get really high scores by spamming space when your tower is starting to fall, I got 39 that way!

Nice little word game, as a non-native speaker I couldn't get past level 16 where the words you have to dice are getting quite long!

It took me some time to get used to the isometric controls, I think an indication of which way is "up" would have helped. It was really fun to figure out the patterns and complete the levels, I did it in 688 moves and 36 deaths!

If you ever consider a post-jam version I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to add a level generator/automatic solver and that would add a lot of replayability to the game.

Thanks for playing! I'm aware of a few minor bugs but fish not appearing anymore is a game-breaking issue for sure. The game should have saved your progress if you ever want to complete the list using the starting fish.