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I was able to crash the game on the first level with colors. (Although, I am sure this would work on any level.)

My main was only a call to F1. F1 had four conditions with rotations attached and then called F1. (I forgot to tell it to move...) The game locks up and crashes if you do this.

I can confirm that the new config file does indeed work, but only after a user edits the one that you provided. A had an issue that before I edited the one that you provided, "folder" would open "My Documents", but I could not see any files PQ93 or otherwise in that folder using "ls". However, once I changed the config file to point to the "proper" place, it worked as expected. This behavior is likely occurring because the example config file provided contains a directory that does not exist. Perhaps using "c:\" as the default would be better? Or, at least, use something like "c:\ProgramData\pq93" and create that directory in code if it does not exist.

Otherwise, enjoying it so far!

I have not seen that behavior. It also does not make sense to me. Maybe I will see it some day and can figure it out.

Armies do not move at different speeds. All armies move 5 hexes per turn. However, which army moves next is randomly chosen with all armies with a move left being included in the choice. This gives an illusion of moving at a different speed, but they all move the same number of spaces per turn.

The levy of each castle determines how many men spawn at each castle. IF you allow the game to balance the map before starting or play a random map, every player castle can have a levy between 9 and 12. Rebels are something like 3-9 off the top of my head. This levy and the start garrison can also be set in the map editor, but I strongly recommend letting the game balance it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Okay. Thanks for the response and reproduction steps. I was able to reproduce that issue very easily. It was something that we had not tried as we had all play tested several iterations. It also only required two changes. I know that I cannot upload a new version to the jam, but if anyone wants to play it the way that it was intended, it can be found here.

It is a terrible issue as it will ALWAYS cause an integer overflow once you take a castle and add the levy of the castle to the now garrison maximum integer value and will wrap around making it impossible for you to defend the castle as Noyemi quickly discovered. Thanks for that!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

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This is an issue that I have not been able to reproduce. I understand why (from my code) you would be getting numbers at the bounds of 32-bit signed integers, but it just should not be possible, and I have not been able to do it. My kids (they are my play testers) and I played the game multiple times on different computers and have not been able to recreate this issue. Were you playing a built-in map or a random one?

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

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I have not run in to that. The game runs at a fixed 1920x1080 resolution in fullscreen. I will assume that you are capable of running at that. I did not implement other resolutions as I would then have to scale the mouse pointer to the appropriate coordinates and was focused on other pieces instead. Additional resolutions and fullscreen/windowed would obviously be future improvements.

Thanks for trying!

First, awesome music track! This was an enjoyable game that reminded me of one of my favorite Atari 2600 games, Megamania! At least, at first it did, and then it got better. And then I met the tracking bugs.  I felt that if Bob was able to move a little faster, then I would have been okay, but once I missed some of the tracking bugs, it was game over. Great entry!

Nice, enjoyable game. The introduction of new mechanics as you progress through the level works very well.

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I liked this, it was a very good start. I did notice some issues, though. There were many objects that it would not let me pick up even though I could pick up the same types of object elsewhere. Sticks and mushrooms were the biggest culprits. When I would right-click on some of them, it would just tell me that I "can't remove the ground". Also, when using a tree or stump, it places the object back down in an upright position, even right through a furnace, which makes no sense. Finally, when you exit the crafting menu, the game does not return to mouselook mode. You have to click first. Automatically switching would be more useful. Overall, though, I enjoyed my time in the world.

Sorry, I just couldn't figure all of this out, even with your comment explaining things. I spent an entire day/night cycle running around and collecting blue fruit that never turned green. I did like the concept, though, and I though that the introductory cut scene was a very nice touch.

Please work on music. The runner part seems broken. At the beginning, I always had a large gap that I did not have enough speed to jump over, and it wasn't my skill. I would wait until I was about to fall to jump and then still be short by at least half of the board.

Having said that, I did really enjoy the racing mode. Plus for two modes, and AI, and an unlock!

I agree about the movement of the ship. Also, what is the goal? Address these issues and add sound and the game could be quite good and interesting.

At one point, the game also crashed when I tried to use warp, but I could not recreate it.

Definitely atmospheric.

This game is definitely unique. I liked the art style, especially with the animations. The music worked well, too. About the only thing that I think is missing is an ability to run. The map is large and would take a while to traverse if I just wanted to see what was on the other side...

This game was pretty hard for me, but to be fair, it's not really my type of game. I liked the introductory tutorial at the beginning to learn the mechanics, and I thought the art style was very well done.

Funny game. Not really sure how the score is figured, though, but that's alright.

Figuring this game out was very difficult. I liked the overall idea, but I don't think that the gameplay was explained very well.

I like this game. The pixel art is well done. The controls felt just right, including having to slow down if already moving in the opposite direction. It definitely wants to keep me playing.

There should be a warning that clicking the ^ will make you have to start all over at the beginning...

Interesting game, but why is it locked into a single resolution in a window with no configurable controls? I personally don't like the control configuration and Unity allows both of these customizations very cheaply.