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Cubics game released! A puzzle-platformer game full of cubical creatures that need your help to defeat an evil creature that is destroying their world. The game contains 100 levels (no more, no less) where you must to get all the Power Orbs trying to kill as few Cubics as possible.

Link: https://jdsoft.itch.io/cubics

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  • New level: Santa's Hideout
  • AI has been improved and now the bot is smarter
  • LAN game has been discontinued (sorry!)


  • Update 1.2 of "Duelo a Muerte" contains an option that control IA difficulty. It can be switched from EASY to KILLER skill.


  • LAN game has been completely redesigned. Now communications use UDP packets (lag is reduced a lot). We recommend to play using wired communication because a WiFi router always introduces delay added.
  • Main Menu options have been renamed
  • New "toggle fullscreen" button in main menu.
  • "Player VS CPU" is now the default option when the game is started by the first time.

I have downloaded the game and I can't execute it :(

After Zoglu logo and "coin" effect, the game goes to black and nothing happens. I have Win7 x64

"It's Nothing" has been released for Windows systems.

This game was originally created to be played in browsers, using HTML5 technology. Months later, it was ported to OUYA console (Android based) and after a warm welcome, now it's the the turn to be placed in your desktop :)

The main reason I decided to do this is because RAM problems in old computers. The game responses better executing an EXE than in Firefox, Chrome, Edge...

Have fun!

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It's Nothing is more than just nothing. A dangerous virus has been released in the city and all people have been converted to (guess what)... zombies! Guide our (not so brave) hero to the victory and prove your skills unlocking all medals in each level!

This is a platformer game with more a total amount of 36 levels, 7 different weapons and a lot of bloodthirsty creatures (and a nonsense history inside).

Download "It's Nothing" from itch.io (available for Windows)