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This game is amazing. As a dev, this is super inspiring. I hope you can keep doing these kinds of experiences.

I meant to play and I found it a bit harder than the rest compared to the other instruments on each level, not only on level 1. Level 3 I did find that the difficulty went up by a bunch, but seeing that it's only the three levels for now, I think it's very much okay. I would put a level or two when adding the new ones between the actual Level 2 and Level 3  that exist right now, or tone the Level 3 difficulty down a bit (haha get it? tone down? sorry). 

Also, about the bass, just a bit louder should be fine (or its frequencies enhanced and the other instruments lowered on those freqs when the bass appears). My speakers are usually okay with low frequencies and I could hear it, but it just got overridden by any other instrument very easily.

I loved the concept, loved the game altogether and loved the artwork. I have a small criticism about the bass mostly. I've played the game without headphones and it's barely audible, especially if you have other instruments playing already. Other than that, it's all really cool. I've seen a couple of people complain about the difficulty of the drums, and although it's noticeably harder than the other instruments, I was able to complete it without getting stuck. Great game overall and I can't wait for the final version with all the levels <3

Thanks for playing! We didn't have enough time to make an in-game tutorial, but there's a How To Play section in the page's description ^^. Also, the high score system is indeed online but doesn't work properly in the browser version (in the downloadable version works perfectly).  Don't worry about it hahaha

Yes, it's a known bug but we cannot fix it until the jam is over. Thanks for playing though!!

We didn't have time to make the tutorial, we surely will after the jam ratings finish ^^  About the input, there is no need to synchronize them exactly. If you are pressing the correct button when the mark hits the green area, you're good. Glad you played it and liked the art :D Thanks for the feedback

Glad you enjoyed it. There is no need to synchronize the inputs, as long as you are pressing the correct button when the mark hits the green area, you're good ^^

Absolutely amazing game. Love the mechanic, love the puzzles. Great job!!

Really fun game!! Loved it all the way. Very cool concept!!

It's a known bug we cannot fix until the Jam is over. Just hit F5 and you can try it again! Also, in the description there is a "How to Play" section if you get lost ^^. We didn't have time to make a tutorial. Thanks for playing and we hope you give it another try!

DDR and Just Dance were two big references when designing the mechanics :D Thanks for playing <3