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I had a good time playing this with my partner - the graphics, environment exploration and style design are really cute and charming, and every character is so fun and memorable. however, I think this game warrants a content warning - we were both very caught off guard by scenes involving  young teens experiencing directed verbal sexual assault, along with discussions of underaged sexuality and potential implications towards past sexual abuse.

I really appreciate that it took the time to explore such matters in a thoughtful and layered way, but nothing about the game's info page, the sexual innuendo label on Steam, or any other notes I could find online gave me enough of a warning about what it would entail to keep me from feeling rattled, uncomfortable and distressed throughout playing, especially since I had no idea how far it would continue to go into these subjects as I continued.

I think something like this is incredibly important, not just for players such as myself who find encountering these subjects unprepared extremely difficult, but also since this is a game explicitly about adults navigating the difficult place of giving guidance to vulnerable kids. I think it would have been helpful to draw more of a distinction between which parts of these discussions were coming from the characters themselves, and which were intended as commentary by the writers and developers, because it made me a little confused along the way.

any time messages like this are included in a game that young people can access, I think it should be handled with the utmost care, and while the advice from Clo to Mord was very powerful, important, meaningful and clearly from a very difficult and caring place in her life, I'm honestly not sure I feel it goes to the extent and detail needed to ensure the conclusion players will take away is one that will definitively better their relationship to intimacy, especially when underage.

I really hope what I'm saying is clear! I think this is a wonderful game overall, I just hope people can engage with it in a way that is safe for them. thank you so much for listening, it'd mean the world if you could take this to heart!!