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Thank you for your feedback

Yes, it was intentional. I actually wanted to implement some kind of guiding arrow, but ended up just adding the zoom out.

I’m really happy that someone reached the dark levels. If it makes you feel better, that means you have beaten the game - there’s no end level and the difficulty doesn’t increase after that 😄

Had a great time with the game. It’s a shame that (at least for me), the “retry” button wasn’t working, so I had to refresh the page after each playthrough.

One thing: I think you accidentally set the “Classification” setting on your game as “Game Assets” instead of “Games” - I see a “Run asset pack” button to launch the game.

Ah man, its a shame that the game is so short! I was just getting into it when it suddenly stops. 🥲

Very nice vibe (especially the music) and I loved the concept, but I was really hoping it would be explored a bit more (e.g. maybe some caves that you could only go through during low tide).

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FYI, looks like this game doesn’t work on Firefox, you might want to add a disclaimer.

It’s a really weird bug, everything is fine, but the bullet collision doesn’t work. Took me a while to find out why I couldn’t shoot anything 😅

The experience was enjoyable but, as grey said, I think it would be nicer if it forced you to go back to the rocket. It feels to easy to keep your oxygen at 10 by killing UFOs.

I noticed the same thing.