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james morwood (he/him)

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Amazing! Love how much everything feels alive and is moving, is this at all inspired by the book MAZE?

this was beautiful <3

[F] to pay respects


Thank you!

Yey! you found it ;)

This was a lot of fun to play!! I really like the little bits of interface and the colors are excellent.


hehehe eye see what you did there

exciting! let me know if you make something :)

Thank you so much the kind words :)

Absolutely wonderful game. So chilled out and so many little details in the world I could walk around for hours. Thank you!!!

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So excited to play something with these rules and backgrounds. :)

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I can safely the full release is one of the best throw yourself around arenas games I have ever played. Thank you!!!

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The jam was so much fun if anyone is interested in doing a postcard swap please drop me an email at "wizardmorwood [at] gmail [dot] com" and I will figure something out

good point about international postage. I will have a think about how that will work :) 

Great idea! I imagine I could use this to print out a postcard too :)

Is anyone interested in a postcard swap after the jam? I would be happy to organise a simple swap where we each get a random address and send our postcard game there with a little message :)

If you are interested feel free to email me at "wizardmorwood [at] gmail [dot] com" with the subject "Postcard swap" and I'll figure it out from there.

This is so exciting!

came to request this

Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoyed wandering around listening to the inhabitants talking and sharing their feelings on the various structures and environmental features of Riven: The Sequel to MYST I agree that after spending time their I did not want to see another submarine again.

Thank you <3

thank you for sharing these thoughts, this line resonated so much with me "There are a thousand mysteries I see every day and I will never know the answer to: there's a terrifying and beautiful amount of depth to physical places, even digital ones"

beautifully eerie




thank you, i didn't think about slime rancher but yes i guess sucking things up is similar! sorry about the slippiness, will hopefully fix that if i work on it any more :)

thank you! yes it was a sneaky one...

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very relaxing <3

Well I hope to come back to it at some point and make it more fair and fun to rerun :)

Wow that is fast!! Thank you for playing :)

i woke up a goblin too


thank you!

hehe sorry about that! I would love to redesign the level to be less difficult but ran out of time

Skimming stones has always been something I love to do and this captures the slow but exciting feeling of collecting pebbles and tossing them into the sea, the 'bridge' section is soo cool and different!! 

Thank you!!

i am <3ing <3 2d!