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good point about international postage. I will have a think about how that will work :) 

Great idea! I imagine I could use this to print out a postcard too :)

Is anyone interested in a postcard swap after the jam? I would be happy to organise a simple swap where we each get a random address and send our postcard game there with a little message :)

If you are interested feel free to email me at "wizardmorwood [at] gmail [dot] com" with the subject "Postcard swap" and I'll figure it out from there.

This is so exciting!

came to request this

Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoyed wandering around listening to the inhabitants talking and sharing their feelings on the various structures and environmental features of Riven: The Sequel to MYST I agree that after spending time their I did not want to see another submarine again.

Thank you <3

thank you for sharing these thoughts, this line resonated so much with me "There are a thousand mysteries I see every day and I will never know the answer to: there's a terrifying and beautiful amount of depth to physical places, even digital ones"

beautifully eerie




thank you, i didn't think about slime rancher but yes i guess sucking things up is similar! sorry about the slippiness, will hopefully fix that if i work on it any more :)

thank you! yes it was a sneaky one...

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very relaxing <3

Well I hope to come back to it at some point and make it more fair and fun to rerun :)

Wow that is fast!! Thank you for playing :)

i woke up a goblin too


thank you!

hehe sorry about that! I would love to redesign the level to be less difficult but ran out of time

Skimming stones has always been something I love to do and this captures the slow but exciting feeling of collecting pebbles and tossing them into the sea, the 'bridge' section is soo cool and different!! 

Thank you!!

i am <3ing <3 2d!

The secret is that you speed up if you collect the pills so I wanted players to realise they need to avoid them when the instinct is to collect them. Thank you for playing :) I unfortunately ran out of time to put sound in!

Fun error:

Just to let you know that I am in the UK so will be participating online :)

That is so exciting! Thank you Yrgo :)

thank you!

I would love to do the zero hour game jam this year! Any ideas if it is happening online anywhere?

Wobble Blade

Yey, congratulations!!!

i actually really appreciated the non linear difficulty curve. Gave me some rests where i could practise :) 

I finished the game in 184 lives and by the end I could almost play with my eyes closed. At first I thought the trick of the game was to overcompensate and have 'fail-safes' programmed in so that BS would jump more than it needed to but eventually I realised I had to learn the physics of the platforming to essentially play while imagining BS running around. The middle few levels were quite frustrating especially where the red button is at the top but overall it was very satisfying to complete a section and the way you had to use multiple copies of BS to solve some puzzles was great. The final reveal at the very end was worth all the frustration! Thank you for making this :)

Yum iced mandarin sounds delicious

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Wow this is excellent

This is so exciting! Thank you :)

I love this!

This was such a lovely present! thank you again for making it ^_^