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james morwood (he/him)

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I liked the simplicity of it at first and then loved the complexity by the end!

thanks!! ^_^

glad you like it!

thank you! this is very cool

thank you! i would love to come back to it and add some more polish :)

Amazing !!

This was wonderful <3

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love this! especially that song. hope the goblins are okay

Every time I have played this has been such a wonderful experience! I never know what to expect :)


Thank you LinkinCrankin! I have updated the playdate version now if you want to check it out :)

Thanks gohod, i will be sure to do that!

Hi Doctor Popular, I finally got around to taking a look at the issue and it should be fixed now :)

Hi Brawl96, I just uploaded a new version of the that has the correct bundle info, thank you for mentioning it!


This is beautiful and whisked me away to another place. Reminds me of On a Sunbeam which I read recently.

very cute!

Hmm okay I will have a look into that soon, thank you for the information!

Hi! I just uploaded a version for playdate so let me know if you try it out and have any thoughts!! Thanks so much for playing, sorry for the slow reply.

Lovely and reminded me of times sheltering from the rain in cafes I didn't know very well, been awhile since I've done that now.



Amazing! Love how much everything feels alive and is moving, is this at all inspired by the book MAZE?

this was beautiful <3

[F] to pay respects


Thank you!

Yey! you found it ;)

This was a lot of fun to play!! I really like the little bits of interface and the colors are excellent.


hehehe eye see what you did there

exciting! let me know if you make something :)

Thank you so much the kind words :)

Absolutely wonderful game. So chilled out and so many little details in the world I could walk around for hours. Thank you!!!

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So excited to play something with these rules and backgrounds. :)

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I can safely the full release is one of the best throw yourself around arenas games I have ever played. Thank you!!!

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The jam was so much fun if anyone is interested in doing a postcard swap please drop me an email at "wizardmorwood [at] gmail [dot] com" and I will figure something out

good point about international postage. I will have a think about how that will work :) 

Great idea! I imagine I could use this to print out a postcard too :)