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Hello! I’m glad to finally release Bluestone’s Awakening after a month or two of working on it.

The game is a Pico-8 platformer featuring a blue blob giving gifts to his friends and avoiding a monster that follows him. The game is also a sequel of sorts to my other game, The Untitled Experiment.

Here’s the game’s trailer:

Here’s also a link to the page for those of you interested:

Extremely fun and fluid. I really enjoyed it!

The windows version appears to not work. I've uploaded all of the files Unity generated, but I don't have a windows computer and I can't test it. I'm really sorry about that. The Mac version did work for me, though.

Did you download the

(1 edit)

Oh, alright, I'll post those.

EDIT: Done. I don't have a windows computer so I can't really check it. I'm sorry about all the hassle.

Is your computer 32-bit or 64-bit? I might need to upload another version

I made this in Pico-8, which is pretty good for smaller, retro games. I'd say is great for launching games. I hope your projects turn out well!