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The game is nice and all, but I got stuck in the colored room, I knew what needed to be done but for some reason it didnt work. Honestly I think you should remove that part. It's far too frustrating and confusing and over all a bad puzzle. I think most people will exit the game after getting stuck at it.

What is the new "health/shield Ratio?"

Actually forget what I said earler, I checked agian and rushing with shotguns is not reworded anymore as things are now

I agree

The condition for the action "score the ball" and the condition "if self have ball" doesn't change until a second or so after you scored.



I dont want to reveal my combat secrets, (my shotguns are too good). But ill share some ideas in a future post


It works only sometimes, and not that good. Set your unit to go to the enemy base, that alone can make it block a bot who try to score, or you can add "if enemy base in short range: move toward closest enemy with ball", which also kinde works, but not always.

I found the strategy not very useful, but you should experiminte, see what works.

What Id like to see is colored balls, that the enemy is also able to grab but not score, that would add tones of strategy, and will give almost every class even more options.

Did that! works on some maps, on others they manage to push your bot away. it is somewhat usefull.

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The best way to fix this in my opinion is to unlock the classes in a diffrent order.

First machine guns - effective but not nesscerly better then the normal class. (has better mobility and there for better shield managment when retreating)

Then the snipers - can counter normal units but the machine guns tank the damage well (at least some of the time).

Finally shot guns - countered by snipers, effective against most other units, but not always combinations of them.

tell you what im "jbustter" on steam, add me as a friend and we can message each other and share some secrets.

I dont know either, you know what maybe just test it to make sure it works 100% of the time, and then maybe we can report it to the developer.

Can you show me? I tried it with many things but it doesnt seem to work.

I gotta ask, how did you make your guy recover faster after scoring a goal?

Or is this just a weird bug?

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That move needed some creativity.

Thanks xD I made a special AI just for it!

for example, the split team AI you had kicked my ass. Didnt expect that.

Just for the hell of it!

pssttt, make the bots to shot enemies with low shields from afar (as top priority)

Every time a Machine gun switches to a different target it needs to recharge its attack before firing. This is an issue since the unit takes a long time to charge its attack and the combat field can change very fast, changing that behavior will make the unit much more useful.

After doing the tutorial some the target fields are still locked until you restart the game

I noticed a nice rock-paper-scissors sanario that I get when i match my AIs against each other. Where one configuration for the machine guns is good against shot gun enemies while another is better against assault. very nice so far, but getting into a specific balance can be difficult without setting some ground-roles about which class should beat which and in what range.

alright, thanks

I see, when they fire at each other at medium range. I guess that could be a problem, does it happen against machine guns too?

I disagree about the first point, I manage to beat snipers at medium range easly with shotgun rushing in. Had a match with 6 snipers vs 6 shotguns and i'v won very fast, didnt get to try machine guns on them though..

Also I could see who I was playing against when they deployed their AI first, I think that when you don't see a name, it means you create a match.