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Is this based on 16x16 sizing? 

you have any other 16x16 packs planned or are you done with item sets? looks good!

Download the asset and its in the folder

I like these bugs! Any plans for other types?

pretty nit picky but i think your butterfly animations are misnumbered. colors do not seem to line up across the idles/moving animations.

Much appreciated

are these 16x16? Also, What is the rough hight of the character in pixels?

Awesome! greatly appreciated.

great! Looking forward to the update!

Fantastic! Would love to see bubbling animation frames on the cauldrons. These will be put to use!

Swords, Shields, and Bows to go with these would be greatly appreciated! these look real nice.

this artist does good work and won’t cheat you, I own plenty of these assets and never had any issues.

I love the necklaces in this set! Would love to see a set of rings!

Hey Seliel,

I saw on your patreon that you are updating these forest assets. We are using them in a game and are gearing up to build the map. Do you have a rough idea on the completion date for the updates? Much appreciated.

If/When you get around to updating this one, another great addition would be to add a Un-Hoed, Hoed, and Watered Dirt Square that fits into each of your 4 seasonal art sets. This will make this set mesh very well with your collection! really loving your recent stuff!

Will all characters have walking animations at some point?

Would it be possible to add tree stumps for each of the trees?  Would be super helpful for games where you can cut down trees.

Are the animations in all 4 directions?

Do you have any plans on adding more crops? I would love to buy (even at a higher price) but need more crops! Great art work. Love it.

Do you plan on adding any animations to this winter pack? Love the RPGWorlds set but the winter areas feel a bit "frozen." Great artwork btw! very talented.