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Hey! I just took a look at your tool, and it seems really cool!  I wasn't planning on coming back to this project again, but maybe I'll take a swing at using your editor when I do

Really cool! At first I thought it was a little too easy, but then the comment started speeding up, and I was really down to the wire!

For anyone looking for the old version, I have kept it up here.

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Thanks for trying out rhythm game!

Feel free to post your high scores
Mine are
1. 2356
2. 2802
3. 4053
4. 4860
5. 2661 (although honestly you should feel very accomplished if you can even complete this one)

hmm, not sure what you mean?  

It should be matching arrow keys for the actual gameplay and menu navigation as normal. 

You might be upset about the fact that 'return' pauses and 'x' does what we would expect 'return' to do, and yeah, that is a bit upsetting.  Its simply a consequence of the engine I am using.

Thank you ! Currently working on a big update in my spare time!

great game! I wish it was more challenging!

for anyone looking for times to compare to these are mine for "All scrap collected" most of these were first try, so they shouldn't be too difficult to beat
1 - 17.85
2 - 26.3
3 - 40.23
4 - 39.32

A ton of fun, great job as always!!  Alot of the comments are people complaining about the difficulty of picking up and moving the characters, and I agree that this is the hardest part.  And think one simple thing that would fix it is to give some feed back when the mouse is over one of the characters so that we can click and drag with confidence. Over all a really great game though! Played all three levels, though levels 2 and 3 took two tries a piece

very beautiful game! you did a great job of choosing a small scope and executing it well! Great job!

mmm, very cool game! I like the long ramp up time to give players the chance to figure out what is going on on the first go! Definitely mastered the concept of "juiciness"!
my high score was 4:47! 

really cool game! The design is really cool with the water being a safe place, that you can also use up to heal and refresh ammo! Really good job of using very few elements to produce emergent design. 

This is an excellent game, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this if it was released as a full game

Try pressing "x"

Incredible game, I had so much fun!  I would love to see a full release of this game!