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Good job! You deserve the W!

So many of your game jam entries are no longer valid. Why is that?

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What do you mean by "Tiled update" ? Are you now using Tiled for internal use?

EDIT: Nevermind! I thought this was a game but it is an asset pack!

Awesome! I'll give you a follow!

This game is absolutely insanely fun. Good job! I like the music and quality of pixel art. I do however wish the game was longer. 

This is something I could see being worked on for another month or so into a demo for the full product. Very well done!

Thank you for the kind words! 

Thank you for your review. Object placement was an interesting problem we had to navigate. I was the programmer and pixel artist while my Cocreator, Nixter, designed the music / sound and built every level in Tiled. We opted to not have any in-engine level manipulation so Nixter could build and test his levels with absolutely zero need for me to get involved. This was a purely workflow decision due to the time constraints of the jam. Unfortunately, this limits the kind of objects placeable to what has already been programmed. We're planning 2 update cycles that focus on gameplay mechanics and visuals so we hope to address the lack of a proper in-game tutorial at that time. 

Thanks again!

Thank you for your constructive criticism. I also want to thank you for your time and thorough reviews of every game you've played so far. Unfortunately, the difficulty involved with the permadeath mechanic is a common piece of critique we've received. We're planning two update cycles that will focus on gameplay and overall aesthetic / smoothness. I hope you're able to get your hands on it!

it might be because it's a .rar? Not sure. Did you use unity?

Thank you for the constructive criticism! You're absolutely right that an attack animation would better communicate to the player what exactly happened. I think a lot of improvements can be made generally I'm the art department. Specifically with player interactables. 

We're planning two update cycles and hope you'll give the updates a try. They will include new mechanics and features that I believe will address your thoughts.

My co-creator, Nixter, made the music. Funny enough, he made the track after I had done the wizard animation so he'll have to say whether or not that beat was intentional!

Very creative, I also enjoyed the simplistic pixel art. Good job!

Unfortunately, virus protection is flagging this so I cannot play it.

I wish I understood what was going on. An explanation would do this wonders but I really can't figure out how to play. Too much is going on on the screen as well. I really just pushed everything I could on the main menu until it started the game. 

Agreed. The power up screen could've been sped up a little bit. I didn't get very far but I wonder how temporary power ups would do in this genre

Thank you for the review and feedback! I was a co-creator and I agree that some levels were super difficult. We're planning two update cycles and I imagine we will revisit the need for such a harsh perma-death implementation. Perhaps restarting at the current level instead. 
The game uses unity's rigidbody physics so there are some tricks you can use to sort of "speed run" the game. You can actually double kill in certain scenarios (level 2) and perform other movement "tricks" to prevent being detected!

There are other mechanics to look forward to so stay tuned!

I like the idea of transformations but the mana upgrade seems like the best one because of how everything seems to drain your mana

I really enjoyed the pixel art for the monsters. They were very detailed

I liked the pop in drawings.

The post says anyone is welcome.