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Thank you for trying out the game. Apologies it was confusing. We have fixed some issues in Patch2, which should allow you to advance to the next wave once all enemies are defeated. You should also have an inventory of orbs (infinite supply for now).

I found the implementation of the theme to be very elegant. Sticks to the theme in a way that naturally adds to the game concept, without saying so overtly "I'm sticking to the theme!!". Awesome job! 

I find it interesting that the gun drops really influence the traversal of the level, since you don't want to get into a bind without a weapon. Really solid concept and execution. Amazing job ALL AROUND (visuals, sound, concept, level design, etc)

Solid game! Great concept that matches the theme very well, complete with onboarding, art style, etc. Very well done!

We just updated the game (patch 2) with tweaked balance and an indicator showing orbs that have been "loaded". Hoping this will improve gameplay!

The PCVR and Android versions have both now been updated (patch 2) with better balance and an indicator showing orbs that have been "loaded". Hoping this will improve gameplay!

Thank you for playing! We actually did some rebalancing in Patch2, if you would like to check that out. Also, the scepter will have an indicator as to what orbs you have "loaded". We hope it's a little more playable, and curious what you think.

(Yes, indeed: Beware the wisps, aka, lost souls of grumpy men. 😂)

When casting with 1 blue orb, it gives you a speed boost! Be sure to "pull the trigger" on the scepter to activate.

Sorry about the PCVR one not working. I'll take a look at that. Thanks for letting us know. 

In the meantime, Yes, the Quest version should work. 

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Thanks for playing, and for your feedback! We'll look into balancing the enemy count for each wave. We agree it's definitely something the game needs.

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Hahaha... the flight ability was fully intended,... of course. :) /s

Thank you for playing! In PATCH1 (apk) more waves will spawn after defeating the first wave.  But please note it was uploaded after the deadline.