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It's fixed with an unfortunately unelegant solution.  Unzip the zip file, and run Output.exe. Thanks for downloading  :)

Game is still in compilation 

~Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus


You need to put this masterpiece on AO3, let it be archived till the end of time. 

Make sure to tag Spongebob x Touhou

Did you really write this?

Felt like it was like reading AIDungeon all over again lmao, but it was fed with 2hu prompts


can't level up on committing genocide. Monkey brain has no dopamine :( Still commits genocide. :)

i liked how that part also served as foreshadowing

i like how an ending mindfucked me. It's amazing


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I did nothing. Just used If anything, the credit should also go to those who compiled humongous data samples from MLP.

sorry, I didn't watch all the way up to s1 ep 16 to know how hard is it to do one. I got the canon wrong :(

I thought the opening was going to get me banned lol, too much edge. 

had to work in a team not solo

Hello,  I was looking back on some old games. And I just remembered this one which I helped to do some of the sprites on. I forgot we once worked together lol.

Thank you for the honest feedback. Well the only reaosn why the timeout unlocks an ending was because I was basing off the historical battle which ended in a draw after 3 hours. I could set the timer at 3 hours, but I don't think anyone would want to wait for 3 hours to see an ending :)

不错的平台游戏. 第一级电梯部分有点困难明白要把她们放在电梯的中心, 那也是因为我的华文不太好读不懂游戏的故事😂

An excellent critique of late-stage capitalism as well as ancaps aka anarcho capitalists

I like the concept, it was pretty fun. Reminded me of playing games like Cut the Rope or Angry Birds or Bad Piggies when I was younger

Well, let's do a side by side comparison. Well I hope the drawings got better cos I put in more effort in the second game. true, I probably could resize the image, but I decided well it's gonna be a shitpost does it really matter? lol.

Yup, I was worried about this. The features were implemented in the last moment, so there were bound to be issues like these. So let me address them for future players. 

To be fair I agree with you the menu looks unintuitive and clunky, I'm such a poor UI designer lol

And the spooky Yukari sprite was actually generated after I drew linework and let Clip Studio Paint auto paint for me lol, so if it's creepy, BLAME CLIP STUDIO PAINT :)

To serve, one should click the Text of the method they are going to serve, the Text can be found  below the poorly drawn depictions, for example if the game asks for "Barbeque" one should click "Barbeque" under the Barbeque image to be sure, multiple clicks should be done. This is due to the stupid method i used to import sprites, causing overlapping hitboxes 

Serve button will only work, if one selects a matching order, so if the game asks "Barbeque", player should click "Barbeque", then click the serve button or the next phase won't fire. 

So the gameplay loop is basically, buy human, end turn, go to storage, select human, exit after a popup shows your selected human,  operate on them and harvest all dem organs before serving them. Human will be deducted, buy new human. Repeat. 

i miss my artillery, I would never ever send my infantry and weaker tanks to beat up a md tank alone. Unless my CO was Neil or Flak of course.

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Great game, simple and addicting. Played and a few minutes went by. More features would be great, perhaps a  changing environment?

that's a great suggestion, thank you!

nope :(

I"M LOVIN IT! So cute and neat!

The music is flippin amazin

Yeah mini game, definitely would have spiced it up right before the ending.

The end was kinda inspired by a game called Ben and Ed, and the bluntness... well lol

Yeah me too

Thanks! Although I'm interested in which parts you found funny :)

hey man, sorry about not being able to contribute to your other project, but thanks :)