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that's definetely an interesting way to develop this game, but I really like the bounciness in the jam version. Hope there will be some way to increase it in the final release


i think that it is already big enough, all my friends that played this game love to talk about it, there is also multiple gameplay videos and even some speedruns. if you add a discord link as part of the game page/update post there should be enough people who would like to join

I really like it. Have you considered making a discord server for this game?

i can see entire map

it's a really good score, my record is 160 and i'm not sure how you could go further

yeah, i almost won the game by using only 1 dice upgraded to maximum(air die). 1-2 more bosses would really be nice

really interesting game! i wish there was one more die, maybe nature as someone proposed. i feel like currenty the game is really fun and i spent a lot of time making my own challenges, so outside of adding more variety and making the game longer i probably wouldn't change the gameplay. love it, 5/5


electric aura is a cool idea, you could probably make another game just about it. i enjoyed playing the game, but i feel like some effects are too much and makes reading text more difficult

it's really fun, but i think that ice is too weak to be used in the game, while i liked fire and electric powers(especially with 3-4 passive dice with those effects) i haven't used too much bring back power and i only used ice if there was nothing better. it's relatively replayable, but after ~10 games it starts becoming repetitive. i'm actually not sure how to fix it without big changes, so i hope that you will find a way to make it more replayable

it's really fun, but i wish there was some sort of upgrades or something, like more hp or different/better dice. something like d4 that attacks 3x3 square would probably be interesting, or maybe a die that attacks in x pattern? overall i can't wait to see the next update

really cool


you need to kill all the enemies

2640 points. i really liked this game, and comments are great

i really liked this game. are you going to expand it after the jam?

really cool, kinda hard but that's okay. are you goin to add something to this game after jam ends?

i really liked this game. i think that description says it all: it's great to be proud of a small thing that you've made. 5/5

this might be the best game i've played from this jam. great music, art and fun gameplay instead of classic "yep that works". 5/5

so i know that this is a jam game and there isn't too much time to think about levels, but at least in first level give the player some time to experiment with this idea. even the first jump was kinda hard, possible but not something you want to start the game with

it's good, but i think that your mouse is moving too fast, especially for a shooting game

it's a great game, i had a lot of fun playing it. i would love to see some easier fruits, or some mechanics that can help player(something like getting sheld for -25% pigments or something)

i really like this game, but i think that some things are just too random(like a situation on the screen). i think that at least first draw at every floor should be 1 boost, 1 attacking and i deffence dice and 2 truly random dices.

some other things that i would love to see:

- reward for clearing a lot of floors in the previous game. it might be just a simple "choose 1 out of 3 dices" that is already in the game, or maybe more max hp at start (floor number / 2). almost every reward for playing will be good.

- "draw again" button, most likely costing 1 move.

- if you don't use all the moves in the previous turn, you can use them again(max 5)

cool game, i think that the only think that i would change is acceleration. overall, it's a great game

it's one of the best horrors that i saw. Is there any difference in the ending based of what do i choose?

Cool game, but inputs are kinda too delayed. Do you think that it can be changed?