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Thats a known issue in the older build. The new version should not have that issue.

Im so thankful that I have people like yourself who wish such kind thoughts on my little project. Watch out in the coming weeks for a more solid update as to what I have cooking.

That's so very strange... i wonder do you have any Gaming peripherals connected? because for the life of me i cant understand why its doing that. The only final thing is to confirm no USB controllers, joysticks, wheels, etc connected as they can sometimes confuse the game

After that only 2 things i could suggest until i think about it more is.

1 try using a controller if available, almost any usb one will work.

2 try using a different computer.

Both of these aren't exactly the best solution 

Firstly sorry that you are having problems, it's always disappointing to see things not work for players. There are so may different types of computer setups in the world

Now, its very strange, to have some keys work and not others. I will note, because of a technical reason I wont go into - The Arrow keys are reserved and will break the rebinding prosses and yes that technically is a bug that I should have stopped.

That being said the default movement keys are WASD, I just want to check you've tried moving with those keys.

Aswell as confirm you are using RWBY_FL_YELLOW_DEV build051220 

Thirdly if you could take a screenshot of the key config menu maybe that could explain what's happening to me

Sadly I don't think so, that was a passion project by a fan/friend of the game. It was a lot of work and unless someone else wants to undertake the task I personally don't have the skills to match what I think we all agree was a phenomenal upgrade

That's extremely strange. Lets try a few things:

1. Start fresh by deleting and reextracting the game from from the .RAR All files are needed


                  RWBY_Config.ini (this one is very important)

                  RWBY_font_temp (folder)

2. Right click on game and select 'Run as Administrator'  

3. Confirm you have selected: 'Controller Layout = Keyboard' in the settings menu 

4. Confirm Keys have been assigned and are not listed as 'none' 

5. Test game

6. If you are still having problems open the RWBY_config.ini with 'notepad' and copy the contents of it into a reply to this message.

Hope we can get you play :D

Oh excellent... i have 1 or 2 ideas on how that could be happening. I will try to track it down... i hope you still enjoyed playing.

I hope these bugs haven't been too annoying, but you guys/girls are great at finding new little hiccups for me to fix.  

I'd like to know more about that if you can elaborate.

Good catch... fixed for next release. Thank you.

Good catch... thx

Glad you had fun, great to see. I'll try to awnser your questions cause you found some new ones thank you.

-Ursa fight room problem... new to me, will investigate.

-Weiss bug... ooooh thats new thanks

- Yang leap strike... it should be: movement, jump+movement+dash? I'll double cheak later.

-chk points dont save on exit... never thought about that, i'll see what i can do.

-permissions... probably your computer settings being very cautious  (good thing) as the program reads and writes a few files (rwby.config and chkpnt.sav) which your computer can think is suspicious.

Anyway thanks again... hopefully i can get stuck in Weiss's section over the holidays.

Happy holidays/merry xmas.

thank you so much for your comment... im blushing haha

Good catch on that little bug... i'll add it to the list. As for Ruby, the sprite is in the process of being replaced, which is why it doesn't match.

Its going to be a four trailers thing I'm afraid... typical life gets in the way type deal.

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Could be a few things happening here.

1. If your gamepad isnt working then you might need to confirm your device is listed as 'preferred device' in your computers 'Control panel' settings under joystick/gamepad.

2. For keyboard issues, have you extracted the Rwby_config.ini? As it contains the keyboard bindings. Which you can changes from the menu later.

Thank you for your lovely words... no promises, but I have made a significant amount of progress on Yang and her level.

Unfortunately thats a bug... probably annoying but the up/down arrow keys and enter will work.

Clickteam fusion 2.5 is what i made my engine in, but yes i was using open source rpg maker tiles, author in the credits

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Id have to look into it, i suspected not unfortunately.

Hey Eisza, as of now it requires at controller, but with in a few days a keyboard version is coming 

Thx again good catches... but ignore white plz :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed it... makes it all worth it

Now that's strange, I wonder if its to do with the controller... hmmm?

Could you move up and down in the menu, but not hit any buttons?

Were you using a custom controller setup?

Sorry for the trouble, i hope you had fun went it did work.

If it does happen again, the game creates a file called 'RWBY_CONFIG.ini' this can be opened with notepad... Id love to see what its saying.

PS deleting that file resets the game to default, so that might save time if it happens.

This one seems to be another odd one... I can tell you've met the requirements for the cutscene but for some reason its not triggered. I think I've got it.

Hmm, that ones more tricky... I'll look in more detail but for now I've implemented a timer that forces a level reset after x time, which should cover this.


Oh my thank you, I've never seen people have these specific problems. Its amazing what people can find that others miss. Finding out these sets of conditions exist its the real battle, fixing them is easy.

I'm going to do a quick bug fix today and upload it, Hopefully I will fix all the errors in 'From shadows' but the 'Mirror Mirror' stuff aren't actually bugs... I just haven't finised the area... its only like 40%

Thanks again

Oh my that would be annoying... thanks for that :)

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Yup still here... still working. 

Gracias. Me alegra que te guste. :)

Thank you, Im just happy you had a fun time. The white demo is making progress, so hopefully more to come.

Thank you so much, its always great to have feedback, be it praise or criticism.

Mostly Im glad you liked it, that means I'm doing something right.

I'll address your points. Im not fantastic at writing, so please excuse my bluntness :)

Control page: While the settings menu does explain the controls and even allows you to remap them, its the first time I have realized you cant access it when in play... noted

Credits: Noted

ROUND: Noted

As for all the rest of youR points: please note that the 'Dev room' really is that, a development room. It's where I spend 90% of my time working in, its really a peak behind the systems and everything in it is merely a test. As this is the RED demo only Ruby was completed to a fully functional state while W,B,Y are only working at conceptual stage or even less (Yang can and walk and punch that's it).  

Each Release will have me complete each girls moveset and balancing, for example in the latest unreleased build Weiss is fully functional and pretty fun i think. see below... tho even this is outdated now.