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A member registered Nov 20, 2020

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Simple concept lots of fun. Just made for the gamejam but if there to be more levels I would definitely play them!

Really enjoyed how you could choose your own playstyle. So goodjob on the level design. Literally have the choice to punch however I want to get to the top. But life cant be that will fall down a few times (many few). As long you keep getting up and trying, you can beat it.

Art and music perfect match, well done!

Nice nice, love me some FF c:

Good job finishing and pulling through!

Im a fan of having multiple endings. And I guess Pineapple Pizza is cursed here .-.

That was an experience to say the least XD

Liked the little easter eggs that waited to be discovered in a funny lil Curdle story!

The last scene really caught me in suprise haha

Was fun going through!

n0 YOU is QT

At first I thought this gonna be an easy game. But it suprising baits you into thinking this (think the artstyle also supports this). But let me tell you it was actually a bit challenging! Was nice finishing and it felt rewarding for whats it worth c:

thanks for making it!

Really liked the overall vibe and music of the game! Little Goblin cute uwu

Just quickly made an account here to comment and leave a rating! you already know my opinion. Just here to give this more attention hehe ~James