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Personally miss some opportunity to add custom snippets to existing. And if snippet file contains those (additional snippets), Snippy can't see them. If you're not to lazy, to took an eye on this enhancement, would be awesome馃槂馃憤

Confirm, with GMlive 1.042 update problem solved.  For now I have no issues. Thank you馃槉

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Added project FILE (just add GMLive and QS to it) and check oDummy START and DRAW GUI events. This is simplyfied version of my project, but the issues is starting cause problem already. GM version up to date. Also noticed when run in debugger mode, if from global variables i add g_qs_active_list to Watch, i'll get crash on game_restart(). But this is more GM under the hud issue i think馃檮

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I use them together and got error if live_result event where creation or something else is related with QS.

Got an error:  show_error("Expected a list, got " + qs_debug_dump(argument0), true);   from qs_impl_list_mismatch

Is there a plans to add more states like wall slide, wall jump, climb etc.?

Do you plan to update Udemy course and add moving platforms or other stuff  from this project?

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Got an error:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object obj_punch:

Unable to find any instance for object index '79' name 'obj_twinstick'
at gml_Object_obj_punch_Create_0
stack frame is
gml_Object_obj_punch_Create_0 (line -1)
called from - gml_Object_obj_twinstick_Step_0 (line -1) - <unknown source line>

I played with gamepad, in the room, where explosing box falls down.

Good luck in bug hunting ;)

The asset is great, works like a charme. But one thing is just poking eyes - the lack of comments. If you write a code to someone else, especiallly if you sell  it, then just write  every damn line a comment. So a warning for those, who want to learn something from this code, it's gona be hard, especially for noobs. For that it's 4/5 from me. Despite that, very recomended this asset.