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Oh, and another nice feature would be the ability to "hide" or "dim" bones/joints/muscles.  So when editing a complex creature, we can click on "onion skin" or something, and then click those things we want to make less visible, and they'd be dimmed out.  While dimmed, they wouldn't be collidable (ie: you wouldn't be able to attach muscles to them).  For more complex creatures, this could be super helpful!

Hello!  Just got my copy, and I've actually been doing some coding with neural networks of my own.  

I noticed that there are only 6 inputs for a creature.  Seems like this would ultimately limit what a creature could ever "learn" resulting in (theoretically) a lot of "stalls"  (ie, creature moves until it gets to a certain position, then simply can't any more).  

What are the odds that we could have a mode where each "joint" is in fact an input, or even a series of inputs (ie: the joint's current Y position, and orientation, for example.)  Also, the "state" of each muscle could be an additional input.  

This would allow for VERY intelligent and complex actions to be learned over time.  For instance, creatures may even be able to learn how to stand back up once they fall down.  

If people are concerned about the additional overhead of the math, it could be a toggleable series of options, maybe?

Love the tool!  

Absolutely love your work.  I bought the whole pack, and threw in a couple bucks to hopefully entice you:  Do you have any plans to make an isometric from a 45 degree angle?   (So instead of rectangular tiles, they would be diamond shaped?)  Also, what about character portraits?  Do you do custom work for people, and if so, at what price per hour?  Ping me!

Love all the packs.  Is there any way to purchase them all as a single pack?