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Dream of Darkness (DoD)  is an adventure horror game in pre-production.

You are a Spanish sailor during the XVI century, you shipwreck and accidentally discover the ancient Aztec Empire. As you explore this civilization you come to realize that not everything is at it seems in this foreign land. Something powerful  is about to awaken in the Heart of Tenochtitlán... something evil.

Helllo! Just purchased Wildermyth, looks super interesting. As developer of a story-driven game, it sparks inspiration! We're working on players having a unique story with each playthrough, so your title resounded with my goals. It's always super cool seeing an innovative story-driven project. 

Hey man! Great name, it drew my attention. How's progress going?

Hey everyone! Javier, founder of Aztlan here. As an indie developer, listening to our audience is absolutely necessary, but it's difficult making the time. I'd love your feedback, what do you think of our dev journal start?

Lovecraftian Times Require Aztec Measures, About Us

I took into consideration best practices:

-Sincere tone, talking about what makes our game different from any other. Lovecraft+Paella.

-Only available in one spot, our Patreon.

-Quality content that we can consistently do.

I love writing but it's hard finding the time. I feel this could be the right balance. What do you think? What would excite you for a story-driven game?

Based on your feedback we'll create the first version of our page!