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Thank you for the update, Mark! Will use this one from now on as my main version of Blitz3D :)

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Hi Mark. How does this affect people who purchased Blitz3D? Can anything made with it be distributed commercially without issues? What’s the correct version to use in that case?

I am using Blitz3D 1.108 on a retro project, and I haven’t moved to a newer version because I want to maintain Win9x support.

Thanks for your reply, Mark!

Definitely, software version control systems were not very established back then lol.

Unfortunately, I have tried what you suggested, but there are not easily identifiable tags within the file except for "BB3D" and "_BSP" at the beginning of the file.

Since the amount of lights won't be very big (it's a small game for a compo), I think I'll just write their position, color and radius manually on a separate file and use that.

Great to see that you are active and I am really looking forward to see your future projects (although I assume they won't be related to Blitz/Monkey!).

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Hi Mark! I am taking part in a game jam with a small dev community in Spain and will use Blitz3D and Maplet for it (it's a retro compo, most of us are using "legacy" technologies, and I like the idea of the game working on Win9x).

Do you happen to have the specs of the .maplet format by chance? I'd like to extract the information of the lights from it to use it in the game.


BTW, I love playing with Blitz again! I used it for a long time a couple of decades ago, used to visit BRL's forums under the nickname "Jedive".