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First things first, I have to say; I LOVE the game. I've always loved these kinds of simulation/shop management games, and combining that with the whole RPG world of making weapons is an amazing concept. Obviously, since this is an alpha build, there's going to be a lot of bugs with it.

I don't know if any of these bugs have been mentioned before, so blanket forgiveness if I posted a repeat. This is all on version 0.0.82

The physics are... clunky, at best. First of all, as people have mentioned, the whole flying horse cart bug is a serious issue and it needs to be fixed. I've spent the whole game just walking as it's not worth the restart to use the cart. Second, you can literally fly up into the sky just by standing underneath an object and holding it, it's a fun bug, but that does need to be fixed as it can get quite annoying as it can send items flying as well.

Next are the crates--sometimes the items you put in the crates will get stuck and you'd have no way to pull it out, it happens a lot when you buy parts from the parts shop. Actually, a lot of items can get stuck in various things, and that's somewhat frustrating.

Then there's also a bug where you can still run even when the game prompts you that you're tired. You can do this by pressing shift while holding an object, it only lasts for a couple of seconds, but you can spam the shift button to run indefinitely.

I believe those are the only bugs I've found so far? Is the coin chest supposed to actually have coins? Because I haven't seen any coins at all, maybe it's removed and I just didn't know.

Through perseverance, i finally defeated Arin (By killing him from the very start, and he only gave me 3 Xp and 362 Gold, the only difference was the gold...

10/10 Worth it all the way

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Ah, another Rooster Teeth Fan eh? It just looks almost exactly like it, guess that explains why it looks a little like minecraft blocks xD, but it's amazing how you made a game because of that video!

Ah okay then thanks, i was trying to review it, but if i couldn't play it, well, i don't know.

The game does not work, it crashes everytime i click start game, it also says that the https link in the launcher is unsafe.

Simply don't play.

Hey, i reviewed your game, the game is so fun!!

I can't download it T-T

How do i reset the game? i accidentally clicked the wrong choice by mistake, and i want to restart it.

Kind of reminds me of the game thief town, and more specifically this video by rooster teeth, dunno why, just kinda reminds me of it.