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Jared the Fool

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Thank you for the hint, but I'm ashamed to say that I still don't understand how to solve the puzzle. 

Might be a stretch to spoiler something, but maybe if you could send a fractured link to an image, that could work to show off the solution. I apologise for being unable to think of a solution for this by myself.

Love this game, but I'm stuck at the puzzle under the bridge and can't tell what you have to do


Fish swinmmin in circle

I just finished the game. You continually make me FERAL with what you make. Good job

Simple but good!

Ok I found it

Finished the game completely, all of the puzzles had really interesting solutions! I'd love to see where this goes in the future



Well that's a horror and a half right there

Yeah ok I'll zone out to this

Played this game. I want to bite it and wring it around in my mouth (Positively)

Don't know why sending your letter counts as spam :(

Managed to do it in 93 moves, pretty good game but I still have no idea when moving a block would cause a turn to happen or not

Just noticed that if you check for "Detail" while zoomed in on an object, the guy certainly comes out!

I absolutely love the way that you make new mechanics for this series and have them implemented in fluid ways! We went from candles, to scanning, to holy water and shifting dungeons, and now we have amulet recreation!

Love how every time you use the stake it makes all the tokens jump a little

This game gives me motion sickness. Thanks!

It sure is.

I remember playing a game where it was an idle game and you were trying to banish the darkness? I don't remember much of it except it was an ASCII game (with colours), it was an idle game (the features of which I can't remember but the currency was light? And there were probably crystals somewhere) and it had a successor that was more survival oriented? Although I can't remember if it was an official sequel or just a fangame

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Love how you can just... Jump early. and turn around. And how you can go faster from the first time you go forward.

It feels like that bug in Big Rigs: Off the road racing where you can reverse faster than you can drive. I mean this positively

Replace the radioactive base with the normal base, it should work fine then. 

I'm sorry if this is late, but if you use the normal base with the monster arm then you can get past 

Might want to add a warning for flashing lights 

I got an 89 


I love looking through directories

Just saw the easter egg with the cat ears.. used against me, I think

Maybe you could count coins as something other than an inventory item? I keep dropping them because I mash consume

It would be pretty neat to see an entire view of the map when you escape, but nice work!

"Mash the spacebar to make yourself panic faster!"

I have a lore question: How do Gregories produce money?

monk y

Beat the game with a trackpad. I had fun :)

Nevermind. Another gripe added when I fused that one

My only gripe is that there's a toast with CHEESE and JAM

This isn't how I remember the tale of Sisyphus 

I really like this game, but I can't seem to get to the first library card. It just always seems out of reach from the path

you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round

Praise the Capybara!