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Glad to hear! Wish you all the best! :D

Yes. You can use everything for your commercial products, also adjusting the assets to your needs! :)

Oh! That should not happen!

I am sorry to hear! What Unity version are you using? 

Could you please write me on ?

Then I can help you further! 

You are very welcome! 

Have fun developing!


Thank you! Glad you are liking it!

Thank you!!

Happy it's helping! <3

Thank you so much! 

Download button should now be included!
Somehow the upload did not work! Thank you for pointing this out to me!!

Thank you!

Thank you so much! That makes me really happy. I hope you create something awesome!

Thank you so much! :) I am glad you like it!


You are very welcome! :) Hope it helps!

Thank you! :)

The pack is now also available over on the unity asset store:

Unitypackage with 3 scenes and over 200 assets for your sidescroller!

Hey, I am currently only doing paid work! I will let you know if that changes again! :)

hey, thank you for your interest! I am currently already busy with some projects. I will bump this thread when I have time for an additional project again! :)

you have an Email :)

Bump :) Just finished some projects and have time for another one!

Hey, do you still need an artist?

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Feel free to write me an E-Mail with your joboffer to :
Thank you! :)

Hi friends!
I made 216 isometric treasure chests and uploaded them as a bundle for you! :) You can use these as game objects for isometric environments or as icons. They all come with transparent background and in 500x500 pixels on spritesheets. I hope you enjoy!

Check it out! Also feel free to give me some feedback :)

Hey, I can help out for battlers, Added you on discord. I also already worked with VX so maybe I can sometimes also make maps or UI if needed.

Hey, I am not a beginner. But maybe we can figure something out! :)
Will hit you up on discord.

Mail is out!

Hey! I have done PixelArt years ago and got a little bored of it! I would still have it in me. But my priority right now is to expand my portfolio and I don't plan on including PixelArt there! :D

Hi there!

My name is Jacky Martin and I am producing 2D Game Assets. Mostly in isometric perspective (2.5.D) but also for sidescroller. I am really into drawing props lately, but I also have some experience with drawing characters.
As you may or may not see I am looking to diversify my portfolio and thought I might find some people here who are interested in working with me.

Some of my stuff you can find on opengameart and also on twitter or instagram. I have a degree in computer science but I am more drawn to (haha get it?) the aesthetics and design of a game. So thanks to that I also have some expierience in IT Project Management. I already helped build prototypes of games, that never saw the light, so I do understand the difficulties that some gamedevs might run into. I also have no problem with working for free, as long as I get some exposure in return! So don’t be afraid to ask, we can always figure things out, but I would be happy if you already had your pitch prepared and only come with serious requests! thank you.
I think that’s it for now. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up.

Jacky over and out 😛

These are so cool! :D