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ah, that's not on you! It means I'll have to update unity and make another Mac build. MacOS refuses to run unity games by unrecognized developers (like students...) unless they're built from the latest unity version. I'll get back to you soon!

Actually, my main objections to golf are its racist and colonial history, its waste of resources and land, and how it is an elitist sport that exists as a display of wealth over actual leisure!

My conclusion of "seedbombing" was largely a joke, but at the same time-- I, like you, don't anticipate the owner of a golf course giving in to external pressure over environmental concerns. So I think renegade action could be necessary in the event that people with power continue to waste resources for the sake of wealth. 

In regards to it creating more labor...I'm fine with that, frankly, so long as the labor is fairly compensated! This essay was not intended to provide a quick solution to the problem with golf; it is me examining its origins and it history within the context of an environmental philosophy course I was enrolled in. Revolution is easy to dream about and complicated to execute, and this essay was not meant to focus on the nuance of radical change. 

I appreciate you taking the time to play my game; perhaps next time, you'll read it too!

...huh! Well, if it works, it works. Glad things resolved for you!

hi again! As of the recent update, I've included resolution options for 1600x900 and 1280x720. hope that helps!

Hey!! As of update 0.2, these moments of overflow should be resolved now. Thanks so much to you both for catching them!

There isn't currently on in the game settings, but you should be able to do it from the window itself! I'll be working to implement some in-game resolution settings soon.

Oh no!! I haven't heard of that happening before...I'll look into it!

I've heard that fullscreen can help resolve that problem, but regardless I'll be working to implement some more resolution options. Thanks for letting me know!!

shoot! I knew I missed some of those. thanks for catching it!

thanks so much!!

thank you vian!!! you introduced me to bitsy and i finally got to try it out haha

sloth fact: this game is really cute! congrats on finishing your first twine game!

claire this is so cute!!!!


thanks peter!!! <3



claire ur cool