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this is so lovely! only read through it for now, but hoping i'll get to play it with some friends in the near future :) thanks for a great game!

thanks for playing! :)

just stunning, Julián, wow. incredible work :')

thanks flan! :)

thank you for letting us know! we updated the itch resolution so the fullscreen button is easier to spot. thanks for playing :)

very good pizza game (under utilized genre). desperate to organize a group play session for #2, where we all meet at 99¢ Super Pizza at 5am

gorgeous landscape and writing. really loved pushing my way through the grass, felt very tactile and moody. great narrative-focused level design, too :)

i love this one so much! really amazing tone of a dystopian post capitalist nightmare comedy with hot dogs and hamburgers. what more is there to want!

really incredible atmosphere -- reminds me so much of mid 2010s walking sims, which is a genre i have a ton of love for: stark, bold treatises on the merits of space and exploration. lovely game

unimaginably good game, every scene is so playful in so many different ways, and the breadth of sounds you manage is incredible. first scene reminded me of david kanaga's stuff in a great way. loved the military dance scene, and the final sine wave one. so so good, will be thinking about this one for a while :)

really liked this. excited to play again after you've implemented "???" from your todo list (keep my posted)

this is so sweet, love hanging with my pals <3

this is incredible. mesmerizing art and tone, wonderful game

thanks marcy! :)

thanks fran! <3

amazed at the sense of scale! incredibly evocative landscapes, and a really great low friction puzzler

such a good art style, and love the playfulness of perspective. also my date has excellent taste refusing to watch anything besides "Before Sunrise"

so good! one of the things i love about y'all's use of humor is that is feels like it humanizes the characters in a wonderful way -- it's funny that the big couch guy likes his big couch, but he's so polite about it and it *is* a big couch that i don't feel like i'm laughing at him so much as lovingly grateful to have him around. great game <3

incredible exploratory space that feels warm and playful but with real depth. (figurative and literal!) love the found narrative in the world :)

quiet and beautiful. kinda reminds me of this game:

really in love with this. reminds me of slow cinema where the harsh constraints of time and movement give you permission to focus on all the subtle changes of a scene. it's actually something i've been wondering how to capture in games where any sort of subtle flourishes tend to require hand-crafted finesse (which is a lot of time to make as a developer). but the minimalism of this really strips away the noise, so i can just take in the gentle nuances of the slowly changing light. beautiful game <3

really liked this! lovely texture work and writing, very evocative 

this is gorgeous. took me a minute to realize i could use the keys to play with the cars, but then i settled into a beautiful little meditation. really nice

played this again when i got home; such a wonderful little game hao :')

lorg this is incredible

Also played at Wonderville, and really loved it. Gorgeous mix of playful-/earnestness to make something really astonishing and beautiful

omg level 2 is so hard haha, after many trials i did it though!! great game :)

i overcame my fetters and found the truth!

Really loved this. I got on a Linklater kick about a year ago and spent the better part of the last year wondering how to capture his off-the-cuff/naturalistic/rhythmic dialog in a game but could never figure anything out that worked the way I wanted. But this is such a smart way to center the rhythm and chemistry of a conversation! Not knowing exactly what a character would say or how letting them speak would effect the conversation also created this beautiful, subtle tension around my place in the discussion that really worked. Anyways really wonderful game, and excited for the full release! :)

(P.S. for some reason on my xbox controller I had to press "select" and "start" instead of "left-" and "right-bumper," but maybe that's just a weird quirk with my desktop lol)

wow, this is devastatingly good -- unbelievably good writing and tone. thank you for making this! :)

thanks! yeah the music is mine :)

thank you! <3

Thanks for letting me know! Yeah, it's meant to loop :)

This is soooooooo good, wowowow. V in love with this game, thanks for making it

hey thanks so much for the kind words! :)

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Super charming, big fan!

I made it to the top! Never felt more alive

Wow wow wow, beyond in love with this <3

Wow, this was really wonderful <3

So! Good! (I confess I googled the ingredients for an English Breakfast) Music and knob sounds are out of this world, and the art is fantastic (reminds me of your Rice Krispies game). Delightful.