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Joey Schutz

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finally got around to this! love having my little guy with me while i work, though i am devastated to report that he perished under my care :'(

lovely :)

hmm that's probably true. does the web build work for you?

thanks for playing! :)

wow i love this. high score 3142!!

lavaria slimetique 😎

my sweet sweet slimes...they live on in my heart :') love this game!!

been meaning to play this game for SO long, and it extremely lives up to the hype. so so so amazing!! :)

woahh love this game, here's my self portrait 😎

sorry about that! i think your best bet is to download the standalone build :/

thanks for playing! <3

wow thank you, that's so nice! <33

thanks frogfish :)

wow thanks frogfish! happy you liked it :))

thanks for playing! :)

so fun!! my best is 39 duet and 51 solo. maybe this is always the right strategy for these tunnel runner games but i usually hyper focus on the slice where my character is -- cool how this game forces me to stare at the space as a whole, and look for the symmetrical holes where i can guide my runners. really lovely, and LOVE the little guys at the bottom :')

really great sense of space -- so many art assets and used so well! also great particle effects. i couldn't figure out the puzzle D: i figured out you could jump between times, and pieced together the:
1. cars

2. families

3. drums

4. time

which i'm guessing is a hint to the safe (?) so i tried counting all of those but it didn't unlock the safe... :( is it possible to get a hint? 

fun game!! :)

this is so beautiful. saw somewhere that for neon white ben esposito wanted to flout game design conventions, with one of those conventions being the idea that "floaty jumps" are bad. really nice to have another floaty jump game -- pressing space to soar around is so fun and airy and moody. the blocky level design is so charming and nice (and the cute little creatures darting around you as you move give such a sense of incessant "alive-ness": that the world is flitting around you at all times, that you are a part of something). the music in this is breathtaking. i loved plodding around in this world, and jamming my shoulders into the jutting blocks in my way. a beautiful, evocative, deliciously short little game. lovely :)

omg this is incredible!! thanks for posting, really fun to see someone play this at a "high level" haha :)

wow thanks! <3 and this video is so good! excited to play Zang Zurfers -- thanks for the recommendations :)

love this. such a lovely little world, filled with breath-snatching nooks and serene little characters. playing my lute out of tune with everything around me is so fun. your level design is so inspiring also (a reminder that i need to at long last play zk for stranger). lately been feeling pretty down about contemporary level design trends, where i feel i become a mindless hostage roaming thoughtlessly wherever they want me to (which i suppose can be good fun in the right context, but most of the time leaves me feeling disengaged). made me laugh and smile when i took my first few steps onto the dock and immediately plummeted through the ground to the beach haha -- so nice to have to be deliberate with my steps, and consider carefully how i might get from one place to another (and even where i want to end up at all). great game :)

wow thanks! :))


thanks Marek!! :)

thanks for playing and the kind words! :)

thanks for letting me know! :)

it's such a good song! also omg nice score

wow that's amazingly fast! adding the inferred bpm is a good idea, and i honestly had no idea about the bug with the initial delay! if i have time over the holidays i'll try and fix those. 

and thanks for playing!! i recently played Game and absolutely adored it :)

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love this one. a world filled with secrets will never get old in games (and weirdly doesn't seem to be done that much? or at least not in the AAA sphere. i guess maybe it has less "mass appeal"?) kind of reminds me of a less oppressive Strawberry Cubes (or how i remember that game -- looking back at it now maybe it's more "meta" than i remember). the art and sound is so good, and reducing the action to a simple explore-em-up let's the mystery of the world really shine. lovely work :)

yeah, it was a happy accident!

thank you Joey Schutz AKA "Daniel, Danny, Apex Champion Daniel" :)

love the music! the sudden end feels really good! --Daniel, Danny, Apex Champion Daniel

this was so beautiful. i played it over the weekend and it reminded me what i love about games (a thing i lose sight of sometimes): the pinprick of a feeling, an idea, making me feel something about my own life and the ground it shares with others. thank you for making it :)

hey thank you for playing <33 i find it's strange to feel those distances -- but it can be nice to revisit what something "lost" once meant to me. i hope revisiting was nice for you this time around :)

yeah i tried to chain them but i'm really bad at it haha. does seem like the strategy though! (although i think it's really fun to have a lot of stars)


nowhere close to your high score, but so far my best is 21294. to be continued.....!!

haha thanks for playing! :)

haha definitely not! secret win condition

thank you! :)