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love this. the textures in this game are pretty astounding. i really like the feel of mouse + WASD but WASD rotates the image in sort of unwieldy ways (rather than the traditional move) -- feels disorienting and off kilter in a really striking way. i only saw one scene (the tree scene) but the feeling that the environment could change at any moment gave it a real sense of life and dynamism in an interesting way. would love to put this up in the background some time to see more of the scenes :) just lovely!

btw, if you don't already know them you might like GURN GROUP's games! they make little games that feel like they share a similar space with this :)


AH TYSM for taking the time to play! The wasd rotation is v weird--it was originally made to be controlled by a giant trackball in an art show, and awkwardly coded to boot. The textures were supes fun to work on, and yes, probably at its best just as a weird background experience, an hors d'oeuvre in a larger psychic soiree.

I don't already know GURN GROUP, but I aspire to be a HNW individual and am over the moon to start checking out their work! Thank you for the solid rec <3


omg that trackball is huge haha, and super pretty wow. trackball controller makes a lot of sense for this! and np!! :)