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Me alegra que te halla gustado, ¡gracias por tu opinión, amigo!

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The results are approaching, ¡good luck for all of you! :D

great game bro! jajaja

Dudeeeee, I forgot to say that my game is based on the song "the final countdown", referring to that the time in the game will be the points you will have when you die and that is why you have to last longer than before.

I sent you an email:(

I'm glad you liked the game, It's like a bleak apocalyptic setting, but a bit more funniest, and with an endless upgrade, I will improve soon the game, with quests, more weapons, more enemies, more mechanics and better graphics, thanks for you opinnion.

Relax dudes, you can try again in the next pizza jam, I had the same situation the last 2 pizza jam :,v hahahahaha sadly.

TV Game Jam community · Created a new topic A question :)

Just can be inspired on an episode of any serie, or I can make a game based on a movie?

hey dude, I sent to you an email.

Thanks for your opinion dude, I'm glad you liked it :) 

Soon I plan to release a second version with many improvements, among them, the controls.

message me to my facebook explaining me, please xd.

Oh, that's good; how will the interview be conducted?

Hey dude! I want know what game engine we can use, all we want or a specific one?