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Thanks, that was really nice to read.

You managed to weave the visual elements together pretty consistently. The poly count of the objects was a little all over the place - some PS1 level, some had subsurfs on them - but it still all actually held together pretty well. 

Some basic stuff like including a way to exit the game and the UI not scaling with resolution could be fixed in a few minutes. I felt like the player character was too big for the doors, also.

There are spelling and grammatical errors in the text. You could take a closer look over that and try to improve. 

I didn't actually complete the game because I got stuck after getting the crowbar, screwdriver and lighter. Couldn't find a place to use the lighter and after combing all the rooms for 5-10 minutes, I gave up.

Nice work. It seem like you are done with this one so hopefully that feedback is useful for your future projects.

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Let me know about any bugs you find while playing the game. Anything that disrupts playing through the game will be fixed ASAP, more minor issues will be updated in a batch update.

Found + Fixed in live version:

- It was possible to light the candle in the bar later in the game, retriggering an earlier event and blocking progress. This is no longer possible.

Known Issues:

- Repeatedly clicking through NPC conversations when a choice is available will cause the choice UI to appear in the 'wrong' place for a few seconds before it moves. Doesn't seriously hurt gameplay - will be fixed in an update soon.

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Sorry about that - should be good to go now!

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Yeah, part of me is surprised I managed to stick with it all the way through, since this is my first game, but I've almost done it.  It will feel good to get the full thing out to people.

Thanks, Malice. You've been following along for a while now - I appreciate it.

Thanks! It shouldn't be too long now at all.  

Thanks for checking it out, and for the offer, but I'm handling the music for the game myself.

thanks MaliceDiary. I hope you'll like it!

thanks lumps!

Hi - this is the first time I've heard of this problem.

The movement input works by listening for input on an axis, which has a deadzone of 50%. The only reason I can think of for this happening is that your keyboard's down key is sitting above that threshold at all times. Even if you are using a gamepad, the game still listens for keyboard inputs and switches if a key is pressed.

I know it isn't optimal, but you could try removing the keyboard from it's USB slot before/when you start the game, and then trying controller input. If the issue persists, either your gamepad is also above 50% (seems unlikely) or you've found a bug in the game I'll need to try and replicate. If it doesn't, then your keyboard down key must be registering as pressed. 

Let me know if you try removing the keyboard and what the result is. 

Thanks a lot! And yes, I'll release the soundtrack included with the full game, and have it available somewhere online. I'm still making new music for Lonely Things, so I will update closer to release to let people know where and how they can get the soundtrack.

That's fine by me if you want to use the game as an inspiration for a story - and thanks a lot for the kind words!

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Thanks alot for the comment and video! As for the scope, yes I'm being conservative and keeping that in mind. There won't be a deep tactical SRPG battle system in this game.

Yep, absolutely.