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You need to kill enemies and get coins first before purchasing.

It's not invincible. You need to kill it first :)
Bullets can be purchased.

Thanks for playing.

Made my second game using Godot, you can play it in browser or download it.
It is a small game that can be finished in a short time. Hope you like it.

Here it is:
Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Loved the music ,thank you for providing this music. I used track 8 in Ludum Dare 28 for the boss fight in my game

Love the soundtrack. I used it in my second game I published at

I made a small game using this asset. The movements are quite funny but I really like it. I used it as a miniboss since it's quite tall. Check it out at

Thank you for this great assets. I made a game using the robot sprites. I used it for enemies at level 2. Check it out at

Thank you for providing this font. Love it so much I used it in many of my personal projects. I also made a game using this font at

This assets was a perfect match for my game. Check it out at

Love the character, fluid movement and cool to look at. I made a game using this assets:

Glad I found this pack.
I made another game using your assets

Great asset pack. I had fun playing with it.
I made a small game using your assets

Thank you for providing this assets. I have made my first game using your assets

This is a great pack.
What is the font used in this pack?

I purchased the bundle 4 days ago and it doesn't include this set. Could you update the bundle so I can download it too? Thanks.

wondering this too...still no updates?

Great! Thank you very much.

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Any color besides wood/brown would be fine. I already have too many of brown colors. And some simple texture would be great. Thanks!

Not the wall facing the character, but the top one. I don't know what it's called...the separation wall? It looks pretty bland if you have a lot of them on different scene since it is solid white.

I've purchased the bundle, it looks great. Correct me if I'm wrong, I noticed that the pack only contains one wall (the top down is solid white) with no variations. It would be great if you can add different wall tiles into this pack. Thanks!