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Thanks replay.

I'm making a game using your assets.

everyday I am waiting for your new assets (●'◡'●)

my mistake. is ok now. thanks!

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Hello, I found a very serious problem in the process of making the game. Your characters are made too small, take the 64x64 characters as an example, in fact their height is only 54px. After I put them in the map, I found that it was a bit out of place. I tried modifying the height of a character to 64px, and it feels much better. So could you please change the size of most of the characters to 64px

Thank you for your patience, "Retro Cyberpunk City Streets" is really good, but the types of buildings in it are still a bit small. I hope you can make more kinds of buildings, like cyberpunk 2077
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I am making a cyberfriend style game, just missing a lot of outdoor buildings

nice work!!!

Hope to do more cyberpunk-style outdoor architecture, very thanks

wow,very very nice!

I look forward to it very much and will keep following you
Will you post outdoor scenes?

I am waiting more cyberpunk pack :)

I am so touched to hear this, I am a fan of cyberpunk and love all the works on this theme, your work is very good, I like it very much, will keep following you

I like your pack very much.