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I played a little of your game, I'd really like to know the process on displaying text with the typewriter effect and how you were able to replicate the animations!

As far as loading and updating map portions I found how pokemon rby handles this is by just drawing what in frame and only update the map it's on. I am planning on having a giant map but only updating and drawing 2 blocks surrounding the character so it wont lag or run slow.

I also created a catch formula based off of things I found online and made a function out of it, Id be more than happy to share.

Event triggers are going to be a tough thing, I am still working on the basics and haven't even started pondering different solutions, but I think creating something like an ActionEvent that allows an NPC to move. This might work well if you  create a list that has a queue of many ActionEvents (move, display text, etc), then when talking to an NPC - allow them to either: Battle, display basic text, or execute a ActionEventList trigger...

I also implemented a dynamic text block displaying system that generates the right amount of border to display for a particular situation -- by simply generating 2 for loops width and height, for the size and repeating this throughout -- displaying blank blocks inside.

I'd be happy to share anything possible, the source code is available with every single release I put out.

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More or less this is here to help me keep track of things currently being worked on and different features yet to start.

Tasks currently being worked on:

  • Map loading system - loading different types of objects, triggers, and layers - currently it's jerry-rigged to search a specific location on the file... need to implement a more elegant solution for maps it might not be able to handle
  • Dynamic tiles and map system - while the player moves, tiles/colliders should be generated on the fly - currently they are just all displayed and updated... which is okay for small levels - no very efficient with an entire map

 Things planned to be worked on:

  • Map objects, layers, and events - water, grass, physical objects like a pokemon ball that contains bulbasaur - currently there is just colliders and tiles being loaded
  • Triggers and trigger events - things happen, like gary walking away -- kinda important shit
  • Battle system - nuff said, battle system -- oshiet battle animations too... fml
  • GUI system - graphics, and custom dialogs
  • Pokemon system - pokemon stats, descriptions, graphics, and other information about pokemon will need to be stored and allocated -- also make an elegant re-call system
  • NPC system -  correlates to the battle system, will need to implement the walk cycle, having the npc's being colliders, and what type of npc... a battle npc or a non-battle npc

If you find any bugs, it would help me sooosososososo much if you could post them and describe what you did to cause the bug. kthx