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I played a little of your game, I'd really like to know the process on displaying text with the typewriter effect and how you were able to replicate the animations!

For the text, I made a script that would essentially display a text letter by letter by just increasing the substring until the full message is displayed. Then I just read the dissassembly to see what functions the game uses for text, which are text line cont and para, and made similar effects, I may make them more accurate as polish, but it's good enough. For the animations, it was painstaking, I watched the intro cutscene frame by frame and copied the positions. For the intro, I learned how state machines could be used, and managed to get good enough to make the intro sequence once I was good enough using Unity's general workflow. I'll probably get better as I implement further events. I also have a basic battle scene, but it just loads the Pokemon onto the screen, and not much else. If you want, I can upload the source code for you to learn from, as I want to learn from your project as it progresses as well. I've been looking for other projects to learn more about how to approach a Pokemon recreation type game. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask! Also, the dissassembly is a godsend for learning about the game, but I'm sure you're already using it.

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I uploaded the source code to Github, here is a link if you want to look through:


I guess next things on my list is adding proper scrolling to the inventory, and then making a map editor for creating the entire map. Then all the rest. If you are familiar at all with Unity/C#, I definitely would appreciate critique on my code(there's a lot that can be improved).

Have you made any progress since before, or are you taking a break?