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James R.C. Knight

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D'oh! Thanks for telling me. I'll fix it now!

The look of what's in this engine so far and the technology behind it is quite interesting, and what is promised also looks cool. I'll be keeping an eye on this, that's for sure. Keep up the good work.

- James K.

Haha, no probs. Thanks for that. :P

Galimulator community · Created a new topic Huge Nation Bug

When I start a new game, one nation always manages to spawn in about 100 different stars simultaneously on the Earth map with 2000 stars.

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I've made a test cartridge to have a looksee at how this all operates. I'm very much liking this platform, and I will most likely make a couple of small games for it.

Here's the cart, btw.

20m comments · Replied to jusk in 20m comments

Thanks, I did a bit more testing and it's actually the Change Controls screen.

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Fun game, but I'm getting a weird raised text glitch, where highlighted text, player names and the time are all raised a few inches. Any idea what's going on?

EDIT: Figured out the problem, it happens when changing window size or switching from fullscreen to windowed. Go fix it. :p

Hell yeah! Glad to see expanding its horizons! :D