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Hello again,

thank you for your "v0.6.0 Image Resizing Hotfix".

Everything now works exactly as expected. Thanks a lot, you are the best!

You are welcome to mark this topic as "solved" now.

Have a nice Sunday evening :)

Hello SolarLune,

I just saw that you uploaded some great new features to GitHub. Awesome! :)

I don't know if you've been able to work on the image bug yet, but the images reappear in v0.6.0 (e.g. the "bartender.png" from the help_manual.plan). The only problem seems to be that after clicking or adding new pictures all of them are now very tiny and cannot be enlarged.

But since it is not yet an official version, you probably haven't worked on it yet, so I don't want to confuse you unnecessarily.

Take care and keep it square ;)

Hello SolarLune,

I remembered that in the beginning it was possible to link images and audio files from the internet in MasterPlan. But in the current version only locally saved images and audio files work. I noticed this through your Twitter entry for #Inktober, because I tried to collect some inspirations from the internet in one single MasterPlan. It would be sad, if this would not work anymore, because it is very cumbersome to save all pictures on your hard disk, especially if you just want to save an inspiration for a quick idea.

You can also see this in your help_manual.plan. The "bartender.png" from your homepage is also not shown there anymore, which is a pity, because I like the picture ;)

By the way, I use Windows 10 Pro, if it has anything to do with it.

So this is less a bug than a lost feature? xD

Your last stream was great as always, hope for more!

Have a good time.

Thank you very much. I have just tested it and everything works as intended.

I am looking forward to the next as always instructive stream from you =)

In awe of your creative genius.

Have a nice weekend.

Hello SolarLune,

I just saw you working on that bug. Thank you so much for that. You're the best =)

The crash is now fixed.

But now there seems to be a problem with uppercase letters. Once I use them, all text is erased until the capital letter appears. The problem also occurs with characters like ' or ".

under the following link I have prepared an example plan to reproduce the bug.

(1 edit)

You have created an absolutely brilliant program here. Thank you very much for your fantastic work!

Unfortunately I have a bug since the last update, which makes it partly impossible to edit texts. As soon as I double click on a note the program crashes immediately.

Since I saw your stream yesterday, I quickly used the current build to generate a bug report.

The following is in the log.txt:

2020/06/26 14:13:46
2020/06/26 14:13:46 /home/jamesgeek/masterplan/task.go:1293 | Error: runtime error: index out of range [398] with length 398
2020/06/26 14:13:46 /home/jamesgeek/masterplan/project.go:1456
2020/06/26 14:13:46 /home/jamesgeek/masterplan/main.go:251
2020/06/26 14:13:46 /usr/lib/go-1.14/src/runtime/proc.go:203
2020/06/26 14:13:46 /usr/lib/go-1.14/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1373
2020/06/26 14:13:46

The bug appears to occur randomly and apparently only in the maximized/full screen window and, as I could determine, in connection with non-English characters.

Since I write all notes in my native language German, I can hardly edit any text without the program crashing.

By the way, I use MX Linux 19.2.

It would be wonderful if you would be able to fix this bug in the near future, because I can usually work very efficiently with MasterPlan and it helps me a lot with the organization of my game.

have a nice weekend =)

you have created an absolutely brilliant program here. thank you very much for your fantastic work =)

i would like to output the preview view directly via commandline. maybe you could add this possibility... and in this context also restore the lights (position, color, ...) via preset when loading via commandline?

my wish may seem strange, but i would like to use your excellent program to automatically give sprites a bit more depth without explicitly using normal maps in my game.