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I'd definitely like to work on it in the future. I had a lot more planned for the game initially. There were meant to be 3 bosses, puzzles, lots more lore stuff, but for a 2 week jam it was too much. I'm working on other stuff at the moment, but I'll probably get back to this game at some point! I'll also probably abandon the low-res concept, 64x64 just felt too low and I think the graphics look a lot better at 256x256 (at least for the default). Thanks for the feedback. Other weapons shouldn't be too hard to add, a bow and arrow could be fun!

I see what you mean. While I started making this for the lowrezjam, I also want to work on it post-jam, probably at a higher resolution, so I didn't limit myself to making very low-poly models and going with simple lighting.

Thanks! It is in a true 64x64 canvas, what made you think otherwise?

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Thanks! I should've put a checkpoint just before the boss-fight!

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The default is 64x64, with no textures, but the game can optionally go up to 512x512, with textures. I plan on having 4 main areas. 3 areas with boss battles, to obtain gems that have special powers, and a final 4th area where you have to use each of your 3 powers to solve a puzzle/defeat a boss.

Really nice! Diagonal shooting and d-pad support would be even better, though!

Honestly, not too much work. Godot Engine is very nice for quickly prototyping stuff!

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Thanks! To be honest, not that much thought went into the levels. The main thing I focused on was trying to make sure it didn't get too repetitive. Because I'm the one making the level, it's hard to tell if it's enjoyable/challenging, so it did get a little stressful near the end. The two door areas in the start of level 3 were thrown together in the last few hours of the jam.

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Very cool concept! The only problem is the length, but that seems to be a problem with most people's games (including mine!)

I don't think it's actually non-euclidean, but I did take some inspiration from CodeParade's non-euclidean engine

Thanks! Sorry about the html5 build. It works on windows (chrome.) But I haven't tested any other platforms.

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Very fun! The control feels a bit slippery, but other than that, it's quite nice! (I can understand the slippery feel, to add a bit of difficulty, maybe?) Funny that we had the same idea of flipping between red and blue! Maybe some super mario galaxy 'Flip Swap Galaxy' inspiration?

Thanks! I'm not sure if I'll add more levels, because it gets quite confusing quite quickly. But if I ever do, I'll definitely consider your feedback!


Feels really nice, so far! Check out this tutorial for interacting with rigidbodies properly: Kinematic to Rigidbody collisions

Really nice so far. The music, the graphics, gameplay. I really like it!

Thanks. Are you still targeting april for early access?

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If I pay for early access, will I have to pay again when it's released, or pay more for extra features? Also, if the game ever moves from applab to the main oculus store, will I have to buy it again, or will it convert the purchase to the main store release?

Beat it on my first attempt!

This is quite nice! Really polished, and perfectly fits the description of "chill."

You can get it for $10 on steam, don't get it on here, this version is for schools!