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my game is tiny but you can only get the 'good' ending if you renounce colonialism so that feels appropriate:

This is such a cool concept, executed really neatly. It's hard to balance fun against learning new stuff/drawing connections in a clear way, but this does both! I really loved it!

Hey this is cool! I didn't get around to playing all of them, so it's nice to get a little taster. 

My game has multiple endings - you got the thief's death, but there are other possibilities.

thank you onion! I was feeling sad, now I feel a little less sad & a lot less lonely <3

what a plot twist!

This is so beautiful! I welled up a little. 

this was so fun! I really felt like a mad scientist getting carried away! Oh and i love the sound effects - and music they remind me of Maniac Mansion

Oh man! I'm so spooked!! This is a great game!


this is so beautiful and understated! The feeling created at the end is perfect because you're pretty sure nothing else is going to happen but feel like maybe I'll stay a while longer just in case... the decision to leave and complete the game is so bittersweet.

such a beautiful space whale!

Everything about this is so perfect! The music, the art (those intestine holes were gross AND cute?!), just the right amount of story and humour. I loved the gut-maze. The order was mostly forced, right? But it felt like an adventure! And a genuine sense of achievement when you finish. Excellent :D

thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!

So so cute and good! I'm so happy that I have a friend called Pear and that I helped all my friends get home!

I'm glad you released something too! It was fun. I loved how the colours changed and got more intense the further down it went. I was like "WHERE AM I GOING?!"

Thank you!!

I'm glad you think so!

This is magical and gets the message across really effectively

oh no, skeleton war!

haha, nice! I lost my glasses 3 weeks ago and still don't have replacements so this speaks to me

this is great, I love how you've managed to make the environment so interactive. And it's spot-on cat mischief!

Thanks for the links too!

thank you! 🙊

This is great!

thank you!! (& there are actually multiple endings!)

This is absolutely wonderful.