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I really liked this concept! The gameplay was fun and the story was nice, and I enjoyed the music you used as well. In terms of difficulty it was fairly easy, but that doesn't bother me as I still enjoyed myself. Great work!

Really enjoyed this one, the microphone mechanic is fun to use and works well and I like the simple (yet sad!) story you've made. I genuinely felt bad at the end! Great work!

Was looking forward to trying this game out after seeing you post updates on it in the Discord!

The music is good and suits the game in my opinion, and I love how the game looks. The controls felt a bit awkward at first but I managed to get used to them pretty quickly, although it felt like there were times where I wasn't able to double jump. The sounds on the menu screen as you go up and down through the options are a great touch also!

Personally the only things I really had a problem with were the tutorial totem things. I was moving around for a little bit before I realised I needed to stop in front of them to read what they had to say. A map or minimap of some kind would also have been useful to help navigate the level as I got lost once or twice, although I understand that this probably would have been difficult to include within the time limit.

All in all I think you did a great job and I had a lot of fun playing it! :D