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Hi just checked in been busy on other projects. What a great game and great result. Congratulations you did awesome. Took me ages to get past last level. Well done.

Cheers for that, I found key is just to run away in one direction. 

Yeah it was just watched the Trijam twicth stream and he gave 1st to second place. Good to know. Hey still top 10 :)

Not sure yet done a few now and kinda thinking should try something a bit bigger. I like coding but am always handicapped by the graphics side of things.  Not being artistic, how about you?

Just watched your video. Impressive you made all the artwork and sounds during the 3 hours. I have to use assets as too slow. Really great work in short time.

Thanks, getting better. Key is to make game playable. I like the changes you made, Definitely better to play now. Thought your score for theme should have been lower.  Bit unlucky there. And 1st place was longer than 3 hours I thought that voided any score. Oh well. 

I see what I did wrong, my screen was too small and couldn't see the text. Play it on full screen makes it easier to read.

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I like a challenge, after many attempts I got 26000. My tip avoid the springs, made it easier to avoid enemies.

Interesting game. Want sure what I was supposed to o. Could use an instruction page or tutorial. Like the graphics.

managed 31. Cool graphics. Finally someone else used branches aswell. :) Had a bit of trouble clicking on some of the branches, usually as they got closer to edge of screen. Good job.

Like the music, maybe a little loud but common on game jams. Thanks for putting me onto new music site.Cool graphics. Your characters direction movment has s bit of play needs a little tweak I had the same thing on one of my jams. Easy fix. The deceleration needs to be increased. Thanks.

Ha, I like you admit you were drunk, I have done that many times when coding and woken up in the morning to gibberish. That would be a great game jam, drinking only. Good work team.

Like the graphics, but wasnt sure what to do. Still got time maybe add a guide/instruction page. 

Thought both ways were hard, :)

Hi like choosing different branches. Not sure on when I was about to die. maybe a shake effect would help.

Like the idea of a skill tree have thought about it in a game I want to make fully. Shadow characters a cool touch. Good work.

good spotting. Missed that. Usually miss something with such a tight time frame. Thanks. 

Nice take on the theme. I managed 60. Paper texture idea is great. Music a bit loud, pretty common on jams, cool add on would be increased speed. Well done.

Ha I didn't even think of that for the variation of the theme. Nice job. I missed the timer, to slow on trying to do math's. Thanks for the explanation makes sense now. I'll have another go.

Well done on finishing the jam. 3 hours is tough. Best use of theme I have seen so far. Maybe I missed something but where does it show outgoings or how to upgrade as per instructions?

Same as below comment did you forget to upload. Done that before. Still have time.

Challenging game. Not sure how it related to theme? Got caught out initially by change in ship number, maybe an added sound would have helped that. Really good for no game engine.

Great idea. I managed 29 twice. Great pixel art.

Thanks for that, bird artwork is from kenney's, they have great art work for such tight game jams like this.

Thanks, good score, I went on a bit of a mission after seeing your score took quite a lot of go's but managed about 14000. Thanks for giving me the challenge.

Yeah I'm hopeless on graphics, I mainly enjoy the coding side of games. I tried to use an art pack but it was 16 px too small so all sprites are 2x.  I ran out of steam for the menu page. Just grabbed so pre made icons. Amazes me how much some people get one in 3hours. Maybe one day. Thanks for trying and rating.

Good work on getting your kids involved. Thats how I got into gdevelop myself. They each play test my games.

Talk about crazy panda. Good take on the theme.

Struggled at first till I read another comment that said they each had their own lane. Then it just became a speed test. Fast and fun.

I Like the use of the art pack, always wanted to try that kit. Snap to grid feature would be good but completely understand time issues. 3 hours goes fast. Good work.

That's a lot of work done in 3 hours. Nice idea I struggled to figure it out initially. Music probably a bit loud for me but once I turned it down could focus on what I was doing.

Good artwork. Still impressive in only 4-5 hours. 

Good idea. Tutorial didn't quite make sense but gameplay easy to pick up.

Cool effect when game over, might use that in the future. Simple idea lots of ways to increase difficulty. Very tetris like. Nice.

Nice game, simple and easy to pick up up boxes I like. Increasing difficulty be good, but like you said 3 hours is not much. With footsteps you could try randomizing the pitch slightly to create a different tone. Good work.

Hi great movement. Needs a win lose event. I did find the right mouse click didn't work sometimes. Maybe add a decrease in force filed size when hit?? Liked the graphics. Good work.

I agree, working two hands independently is very hard. My inspiration comes from 20 mins till dawn, took me ages to get it. Problem with one hand only is you need auto fire. And recoil delay can be frustrating. But maybe a good option to give people. Thanks.

Thanks, always try to get controls right early, nothing worse than sloppy controls.

Thanks for your feed back. I wasn't going to enter this jam. I couldn't think of a theme for about a day, but then this one. Agree penalty for the shadow warriors needs to be higher. Not sure where I will go from here. Rougelite expansion might be fun but not sure how to add a twist. Thanks

glad you liked it. exactly where I got the idea from and how I learned about Trijams.  I’m still a novice so try and take games I like and add a twist. Took me days to figure out transporting. Was planning on making an asteroids space platform game but then the themes  didn’t match ha. 

Hi Did you upload the game, I couldn't see it on your page?