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Hi - I'm that person that supported your last game - also it is nice to see you made another game and haven't given up. The game play overall is very fun and takes a bit of practice to get perfect and there is one thing I have to say about it and that is the hit box - I have to make a perfect jump in order to jump a burger, but other than that this a very fun game - keep it up!

I wouldn't even be doing a lot of mathematical work at all for physics! It will be programmed in C#. I will use this: for physics. I will also use SFML for sound. The bad thing is the engine will only work on desktop.

If you want to help out I made a Github repo for my game engine. It currently has no code. Feel free to make some commits. Here it is: .

Another big learning experience would to make your own game engine. You may like this: . It only does graphics but there are physics engines you can use and a lot of other things you can put together. I would definitely help out with that if you need me.

Also if you do make another 2D web game, I suggest you try HTML5. Unity is mainly for 3D and not as resource friendly in the web browser, and using HTML5 would make the game a bit lighter (a huge factor for web development), and faster. It would also give more control over the game. It would also be a huge help since you can also make web pages too with the same skills. If you do try making another 2D web game, I recommend giving Phaser a try: (it's completely free and open source!) .

Forget to add in the word "high". Thanks!

I have some feedback too. The game overall is very good for a first timer (I should know, I just put out my first web game too: ), and I played for about 20 minutes. One thing I suggest you add is a scoring system. It is a way to motivate players to play more and get better. Everything else is pretty good. Keep up the good work!

Im using a custom made one using tilengine for the graphics. find it at:

Thanks for that response! I do see your point, making something in a genre that isn't flooded with games so it would get noticed. When I browse around the Google Play store I see good games that hardly get played because of so many other similar games. What engine would you suggest for this idea? I currently use unity but don't mind writing my own.

Hello. I have been trying for a long time to get some wonderful ideas for a cell phone game but never could. If you have a really good idea that you want to happen please post it below. I am looking for something simple like Ballz or a one tap game. Thank you in advance!