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Jake Kiley

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Thanks for letting me know!

Hello, can I ask what game engine / tool you used to program this? Thanks in advance!

Nice job checking that people actually did the course haha. I tried to push my way right around back to the start line to get an absurd time lol. No luck!

I’m new to CBR+PNK / Forged in the Dark games. What happens when the “Black Hounds” or other enemy tracks fill up? Is that their “endurance” track (pg. 6 of game rules) and thus players fill it up by making successful attack related action rolls? Or am I missing something?

Hey, thanks for putting Nuclear Family together. Small typo - on Pg 4 under Portray Enemies you have “Drives behind behind actions…” (the word ‘behind’ appearing twice). Anyways, looking forward to running this in the future!

Nice work! I definitely recommend if anyone enjoyed this story to read “The Southern Reach Trilogy” which has similar themes.

Link for USA Amazon:

Hi folks, I made a character generator. Please let me know if I missed anything or did not implement as intended. I hope to add a harbinger generator below the character generator in the near future.

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Hello, thank you for writing this neat paragon adaptation. A few questions:

In “Weapon / Device / Upgrade / Component generator” on pg. 4, what is “ice molten”? Is there supposed to be a comma between these words?

Are you ok if I make a character generator and share with the public for free using perchance?

Do you get any boosts during character creation? Seems like maybe you start with zero until the game starts.

Love it! Thank you for making this available digitally! The home screen is super cool!

Finally got around to flipping through this and dang, this is sick! Hits the flavor notes just right. I literally laughed out loud at the “Tells knock-knock jokes in combat” char gen result.

Legit, thank you!

Ah man, this is so cool! I know it would take a ton more work, but one request would be for everything to be hyperlinked.

Love this idea!

This is so legit!

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Here for it!

Super! Some good additions!

These sketchbooks are the bomb! Many sketches and a few cool comparisons between sketches and the finalized pages. If you like these, make sure to check out his comic Old City Blues!!

I am excited to get this to the table! I have been looking at doing my own 24XX PKMN hack, so now I don’t have to! Cheers!


I haven’t even read it yet and I am so excited! I got a little burnt out playing LOL, but I really enjoy the characters and story. This is a great way to enjoy the world!! Thank you!

Is there a particular TTRPG system that the rules are based on?

Legit! Thanks for adding to the 2400 series!!

This is pretty nifty! I could see myself using it for RPG games after some of the planned additions are made. Keep up the good work!