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1. Intel i7 processor + nvdia RTX3060TI 8GB 
2.Ryzen7-5800H + nvdia RTX3070 8GB 

which spec is more preferable for Rife? I think i might get the 2nd one but does rife support AMD ryzen CPU? i think i saw a previous post that says it does not support AMD graphics card but will the AMD CPU affect it? thank you in advance

ok thanks alot!

wow thanks for the swift reply! In some earlier threads some guy mention the GB will take into factor to run a hd video? It takes 8gb to render? will a RTX 3060 6GB be enough since its 6gb? Because im doing cartoon animation here so im wondering will it work? thanks again!

Hi, correct me if im wrong if i create an animation with  8fps this software can convert it to 24 frames it can create the extra 16 in between frames, once all the 8 key frames are input as reference am i understanding this correctly? if this is true it will be a total game changer for animation! And what are the best pc spec that are needed to run this software. Thank you in advance!

I am glad you like it!

thanks for the great feedback you are awesome!

holy shit you play it and make it a video about it! thanks for giving a shit !  I hope you will get a million subs!  have a nice day! 

some feedback is very much appreciated! let me know which part suck so i can fix it!

It's a shoot em up retro arcade game!