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Fun game, and so cute. I love hamsters :) Really colourful and the music is good. My high score is 492 on time attack, but I wish it lasted longer!

Great start to what looks like a very promising game. As a massive Twin Peaks fan, I love the attention to detail with this one - I'm excited to see there are even fan games out there, but I really appreciated the elements from The Return series (2017). Very much looking forward to more content from you, and hope that this game will see its way to full development.

As a massive Twin Peaks and David Lynch fan, I jumped straight on this one. Very creative level design themed around the Red Room, with a terrifying surprise later on. Almost felt like I was controlling Slenderman, though, because of the white face on the character model ;) The tank controls made a certain part of the game 3/4 way through very difficult for me, but got there in the end! Thank you for making this, as I have always longed for a Twin Peaks themed game.