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Cute, short, and creepy. Can’t really ask for more.

Struggled with the controls a little,  but the game has a cool, unnerving vibe with a fitting art and music style.

A slow burn but definitely worth the wait!

Short bit of creepy fun. Reminded me of Dog House.

Great homage to a brilliant show. Looking forward to the full game. Thank you for making this!

Pretty creepy and intriguing with decent music and visuals. Short but fun experience, even if it does end a little abruptly.

Definitely not what I was expecting, in a good way!

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Definitely enjoyed ourselves with this one, even though the baby was a little terror! Really cute art style and nice addition of the Christmas decorations. Looking forward to checking out the Christmas Chapter (had never played Baby in Yellow before so played the normal story first)!

We did have a laugh with this one, even if I did suck at finding the candy canes :P

Fun, silly cute game for Christmas :)

Very creative environments and creature designs - loved how each monster had their own soundtrack :D Only suggestion, really, would be for subtitles: break them up a bit when you display them. At the moment, they are coming up in paragraphs as the characters talk, and only the lines of dialogue that you can hear that characters speaking should be appearing on the screen at one time so as not to overwhelm the player. Otherwise, enjoyed the game!

Had fun playing this cool crossover, however a bit disappointed the multiplayer was not working. Will be very interested if you get that working again!

Loved the game. Terrifying, claustrophobic atmosphere that had us on edge. Music, setting, and characters were all wonderfully unique and surprising. Would recommend!


We really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game, however when playing on two screens having no cursor lock definitely takes you out of the experience, I'm afraid.

We had a lot of fun in this never-ending, crazy game!

The creature design was creepy, especially the way it moved, and the graphics looked beautiful. Our biggest problem with this was that we couldn't tell if we were supposed to keep getting caught by the monster - he kept trapping us in a certain area, almost like he was magnetised to us, and it felt almost impossible to escape him. This got very frustrating and took a long time to get past. It felt like the game could maybe benefit from a distraction mechanic to avoid the monster, as right now it is quite difficult to use the mirror sometimes to pinpoint its location - especially as it's able to teleport so fast in front of you anyway. All in all, we did initially enjoy getting scared by monster and not knowing where it was, but admittedly we did get a little frustrated with trying to get past it. Here is our gameplay video:

What a twist! We enjoyed this one. I felt a strong Silent Hill influence. This was a short, fun indie horror, although I would say that it is not meant to be taken too seriously.

We enjoyed the atmosphere of this game and it was certainly creepy trying to figure out what was going on, however I would say it was a tiny bit cryptic on how to get all 3 endings. (Admittedly, one of the endings was more straight forward than I thought, so our bad, but please explain how to get Ending 3 because we are very curious!) Cool music :)

A short, creepy experience. Well done :) 

Had a lot of fun with the scares in this game. Interesting lore and cool puzzle elements :) 

Very interesting, surreal concept. We enjoyed this one, although we did have trouble finding where to go during the videotape sequence! Thank you for making this :)

So I sucked at this game but it was a good bit of random, mental fun haha. Loved the concept and the soundtrack.

Creepy art style and tone that had us worried about opening each door. We enjoyed this one. Thank you for the fun experience :)

As big Silent Hill fans, we enjoyed your demo and look forward to the full game! 

A much creepier improvement over the first episode, with some great tense atmosphere. We really enjoyed this one, however we recommend that you add some invisible barriers somewhere along the road to avoid players wandering off for 10 mins+ and breaking the game like we did! We genuinely thought you had to walk along the road and wait for cars to pass, rather than wait by the car, and if you start walking the cars do not spawn at all and the game breaks. Also, for a paid game, I highly recommend a proof-reader for the subtitles. Otherwise, this had a lot going for it and we look forward to episode 3!

Doghouse 2 is amazingly terrifying and we admittedly had to look up how to get some of the endings, but we had a great time with this one! (Gameplay starts at 07:09.) Very well done on managing to make this even creepier than the first game.

Such a fun and creepy game - we really enjoyed it! Thank you for making it :)

We enjoyed your demo but the blue crystal just didn't spawn so we couldn't complete it!

We enjoyed the wit and the terrifying twist of this one. My only comment is to make sure the pop-up text for items doesn't appear behind the cursor :) Thanks for making this. Realise we are a bit late getting around to playing it! (Game features at 06:48.)

Definitely a challenging game but it was a short experience and we had fun! Cute art style and unique concept for a Christmas game.

We thought your game was absolutely adorable. I cried. Thank you for making it :)

I'm not good at these types of games but the art style was cute and I liked the premise :)

Your game scared the hell out of us, but unfortunately we couldn't get very far with it at all. Great concept and atmosphere!

Admittedly, we could not finish the game, but what fun to return to Courage after so many years! Excellent concept and terrifying in certain places, but certainly for hardcore gamers :P Thank you for making this unique experience.

Your demo shows much promise and certainly 'didn't' have us hiding in a closet for 10 minutes!

This is one of the creepiest, most unique indie horrors about at the moment.

We loved your game. It's well put together and the environment is beautiful, but I think we broke it, so we were unable to complete it. If we were simply doing something wrong, please let us know!

Very interesting concept. It's one of those games that leaves you thinking about it afterwards.