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We loved your game. It's well put together and the environment is beautiful, but I think we broke it, so we were unable to complete it. If we were simply doing something wrong, please let us know!

Very interesting concept. It's one of those games that leaves you thinking about it afterwards.

This was so good. We can't wait for further development!

Brilliant style, sound design, and execution. This is what it's like to play inside a graphic novel, providing a unique and terrifying experience. Junji Ito is my favourite manga artist so I really appreciated the incorporation of the body horror clearly influenced by Tomie. Very well done.

Short and sweet (I mean creepy)! We enjoyed your game. Thank you for the quirkily surreal experience :)

Part 2 here!

We had a lot of frustrating fun with this one :) Concept, look, and sound of the game amazing. But man, the creatures were aggressively persistent!

Played your game and enjoyed ourselves :) 

Looks like a great deal of people have checked out your game, but here is our experience: 

Certainly creepy and very interested to see how it will be expanded upon. Well done.
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This game was pretty terrifying. Very well done, and looking forward to the full version!

Thanks for posting this lol

Thanks for posting this - was just about to lol

We played your crazy, fun game here: 

Shame it glitched out on us eventually but hey! Loved the GTA references and similarity to Goat Simulator.

I played your cute game here. Enjoyed :)

We played your game here. Definitely potential with this one :)

We very much enjoyed your game. Interested to see where it goes next, as the red-eyed creature certainly spooked us! 

We played your cool, tense game here... Siren Head design was the best I've seen and definitely creepy. His crunching bones as he disassembles and reassembles himself will stick with me.

Good work!

I played your very tense game here:

Hello, I played your game here. Love the art style and music. I just suck at the puzzles lol

I played your game here. Would be interested in the full version if it ever comes to fruition!

I had fun with this, even if I ended up wasting most of the food by accident.

Played your game here. Enjoyed the concept and art style :)

I did hope that the Korean words had translated correctly :) Very well done for creating a good horror game.

I played this here and very much enjoyed myself. Interesting concept with a creative execution. 

We hope you can continue this :) 

Hello, we played your game here: Cool concept and art design.

Played your game today and wished it was longer :)

Fun game. Thanks for making :)

Excited to see more :)

We played your game and had fun doing so!

Hi, we just played your game and enjoyed ourselves. Good adaptation of the short film. Thanks for making it!

Nice style and music. Wasn't expecting the ending lol

Creepy and well made. I played your game here:

Very fun game - thanks for making it :)

Is this game available / will be available in the future in English, please?

I played your game - very interesting indeed :)

Well done so far - hope you continue with this. I'm a big fan of Junji Ito so it'll be interesting to see what you do with this :)

I enjoyed playing this - thanks for making it :)

Played your game and found it fun. Sorry if I got the pronunciation of the title wrong - I think it can be taken in different ways, lol... Thanks for making it:

Hi, thank you for the reply. I actually did try RPG_RT file but it crashed my whole computer. Maybe it's my computer's fault >.<