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Mr. Two-Horses

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I am very like the idea combine with Breakout and Space Invader, and the control is stress-less too. But it seems not so fit to the theme, even it only have one bullet doesn't give the meaning "Why just one acorn necessarily?"(apparently  theme but you know what I mean.)  I think it will be more fun if you have more acorn.

Simple idea and funny way to performing it, I really like it! Difficult curve is under a good control, stages are very creative, and makes me very satisfied.

Pretty  funny game! Control and battle system are perfect and every movement is very smooth gives me a very good play experience!

I get the instant charge at turn 2; it is nothing but OP.

I love this one! Rules are simple but stages are challenging player how to use those ability and use in a right sequence. I have no idea why other comment talking about the difficulty level  since I am almost no problem about solving those.

An obvious  point is, when I need to change the character, I need to move they from the last position I switch it. In the early stage that wont be a big issue but when I doing the last stage, that was throwing me out of the game. I think there should be a better way to do ,like a circle select  menu, for quickly switch the next character's position to where player is it right now.(But it might be like part the playing from theme? I'm not sure.)

Thank you bring the game at here! I'm really enjoy in it.

I think there will be better if it has a tutorial or some text about the purpose, but still nice idea and concept!