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A member registered 69 days ago

Recent community posts are happy to facilitate scammers to sell programs full of trojans and that do not work, on their scammy website..  They do not test the BS they are selling so don't trust them.. They also do not answer reports or get back to you about concerns.. This is literally a money making website for a bunch of scammers.. Run!!

This is just a message to anyone who is a Stop Motion Artist and has been sucked into the Marketing by these Scammy Developers and this scammy website..  DAIN-APP and RIFE-APP are made by developers that charge for software that does not work as advertised and has Trojans waiting to install deep in your WINDOWS and USERS folders so you don't notice they have access to your computer.  The Free Flow Frames app that you can also download from is the best out of all this rubbish that doesn't work as advertised.. It also uses Rife-app so it also feels like it's part of the scam.  These guys deffinetely went from NFT's trying to rip people off to this BS..  Do yourself a favour and find a real developer that knows what she/he is doing and that is actually ready to progress artists tools for people with standards, and both years of skills and the new dreamers.

You were 100% Correct supercucumber there were actually x6 Trojan.PowerShells after installing Both Rife-App and FlowFrames..  They are all bad developers working together so who knows which one came with which package.. To be honest The Program is not worth it anyway.. The difference is not that noticable and there is lots of post production still to do after this rubbish has done it's scammy thing if you want some frames to be clear that it has decided to make a ghost or some weird faded cloud shape.

The Program Didn't work anyway.. Just spits out Black Frames.. AI yawn.. so scammy

Use Flow Frames if your going to use anything from this Scam website..  It is Free and kinda works at least.. But find a devolper that gives a sheet.

So Far this has been an absolute joke of a program and website...  Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere..  There is a FREE Program called Flow Frames which at least works but it uses the 4.0 model of Rife anyway so you think that this version would be better but it only spits out Black unuseable frames..  Absolute Scam.. Here is a version of the Software for $24.95USD that does not work and the patreon is at least $50USD a month for access to the latest version which you can't even read about if it works or not without joining the Patreon..  If this is AI yall can have it.. I'll wait for Adobe to install it in After Effects which is a more than possible..

It's not looking good.. No response from  

I managed to unZip and the Program just flat out does not work...  At least with image sequences it just spits out Black frames after waiting for a little on a 4090.  Not impressed by this Developer at all..  I expect a refund!!  I see you have taken features off this version and it is clearly just a scam so you pay for this and then you go to the Patreon.. Very NFT of you :(    I don't want a bar of a Patreon run by scammers..  Where is the Refund button!!!! 

I have reported this extreme lack of service and care from the developer to the point that this just seems like a scam..  It's now up to to prove that this is not just a scam site to make money for scammers..   And just like AI the first people they scam is artists.. Gee thanks!!

I expect a response from by tomorrow or I will take this further!

DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!  IT DOES NOT WORK and IS JUST FAKE and the developer does NOT CARE!!

I guess your all long gone as this app does not unzip anymore and seems to be just a money collector for GRisk who hasn't been on this site for almost a year..  Great service....

Nothing works!!!!

Can you let us know what is happening please??

Nothing is unzippable or useable... What is going on????  Can you please update the Rife and Dain Apps to versions that actually work as advertised??  I just bought your software to use but it is not useable!!! is this just a Scam???  Please get back to us asap because it looks like you hav't even been back here in almost a year..  Are you giving our money back or fixing the application???  Get back to us soon!!!!!!

Hi mate, can you please get onto the Rife-app page and update to the 3.36 version??  The 3.35 version is broken and will not unzipp!!  Also it is full of .psy files only... Can you let us know what's going on?

The File will not unzip and is full of .psy files only.. Any chance the update will have an exe file in it????  Any chance your going to actually update this version to the 3.36 version any time soon??  I just bought the program because I need it and it's not useable!!!  What's going on???

Also, there is 3.36 out on GRisk's Patreon since May.. So I wonder if this website is even legit now..  I hate people that take advantage of creative people..

Thanks for the advise.  Did you scan the Zipped file or unzip it then scan it?  Also did you try any of the other versions?  Do you know if any of them are worth downloading?  Cheers

This sucks the big one..  what's up with that GRisk?  Is this correct??  And if so is the new version going to be Malware free?

Is this an add? lol   Have you tried the latest version?