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I use recalbox as a retrogaming console/emulator
I know i can play pico8 files with it (emulator
As it is an open-source system, games needs to be open-sources to be included.
So if you choose an open-source license , the game could be included in Recalbox.
Like these ones :

Nice ! What is the license of your files ?

Do you plan to release an Android version of the game ?

Thanks !

I am playing Run on a switch.
How to switch to speedrun mode ?

Good news !!

Hey i will try version with 4 local multiplayer for sure !

And for your information i plan to use them in

Glad to hear there will be a new version.
And good luck with this huge project.
I will follow it for sure.

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Hi Mounir,

Does the sprites have the same size when they are exported ?
Can i choose the size of each sprite ?
I need to create 32x32 characters


Nice, where did you get the firefly assets ?

Hi, will share your animation too ?

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And tell us what is the licence on it please ? As i want to use it to make a sprite generator but i need to know if the licence permits me to use it.

I really have fun with this game, thanks !!

Thanks for this answer, i have already read the licence about the generated sprite.

For the files of the tool, by No licence, may i  can create a github project with them and choose any licence (open-source) ?
With credits for you of course!

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I love that generator !
I'd like to use it in to generate characters.

What is the license of the files of the tool itself?

(app.js, and so on)

Great, thanks

Hi Limezu and thank you fot this huge tileset !

I want to use it with WorkAdventure , is the license permits that ?
It is not clear in my head.