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Thanks for the feedback and the video! I loved the montage towards the end of it haha

Its set up now to have the ratio of correct to incorrect words be the same regardless of category...I think its 20% incorrect words at the moment.

Definitely taking suggestions for categories, so thanks for those too!

I'd love to throw my game in the mix!

I'm thinking of doing a two-player puzzle platformer where the two characters are forced to stay at least some distance from each other (gotta have that social distancing haha)

Made some characters this morning! Excited to see what others are working on!

Post screenshots, gifs, or whatever showcasing your progress!

Hey, I attempted a play little game! Here's some feedback for you:

Things I liked:

  • Level 3-9 was awesome! It was very "trippy" and, while theres a discernible pattern,  it feels good to get through.
  • Levels 4-1 through 4-3 were neat! I'm assuming it was intentional but building on the previous level was a cool idea.


  • Level 2-9, the very last pit is impossible to get out of, and without a reset button (at least to my knowledge) players will have to quit to the menu to be able to retry.
  • Levels like the ending of 3-7 seem not difficult but just reliant on plain dumb luck. There may be a repeating pattern but its very long and too difficult for most players to grasp I imagine. (Levels like 3-9 though...that level is easier since the pattern is easy but visually looks very cool/intimidating)
  • I quit somewhere in World 4, I think 4-5. The spikes on the ends of the long platforms were much too frustrating. Since your game doesn't have variable jump heights (i.e., holding K doesn't jump higher than just tapping it), it was way too much for the player to be thinking about. They had to not only try to figure out when to jump (which was usually being lucky) but also make sure to not go too far over but ALSO had to get onto the platform at the very peak of the jump. This level also suffered from the same thing as earlier where it started being hardly about timing and more reliant on luck. I could get up to the second or third platform but I never felt like I had figured something out or accomplished something when I did that, just that I had happened to jump at the right time.