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G'day everybody! My name is Jacob A, and I make music under the title "Pythlix". 

I started making music 5 years ago, and I started to upload music onto SoundCloud last year. I have a very musical background. My childhood was filled with some of the best memories with music.  
I mainly post all of my work on SoundCloud, but I have released albums, eps, and singles on iTunes, Spotify, and a few more major platforms. :) Here's my SoundCloud link of all my work.|

I mainly use FruityLoops Studio, but I have worked with other digital audio work stations, and they went greatly for me. I'm now sticking to FL cuz of what I knew about it and how to use it etc. So FL is my main work station, and I will be composing all music (if hired) with in FL Studio. :)

I have 3-2 hours of Secondary College 5 days a week. So I have plenty of time to compose music. :)

Cheers Fellas. 

-Jacob A.

aKa Pythlix

Sure :)

Just released my first demo. I'm pretty proud of it. XD