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tried chrome but still doesnt work.

i log in with google, but as soon as i try to enter world i get kicked out of my account. know why?

heeey. im the guy who was using a different browser. i logged out and now i cant log back inn. might try downloading chrome if you dont have any other solutions. i logged out while inn a boat, so dont know if that hass any effect.

is it available for windows?


thanks for your time. i will stay updated

Last question. Is it worth playing all the routes?

seems good. Just finished the demo now and i really want an option to join the judges. also there is a typo in the first meeting with the manor of (forgot the name, but the ones that study alot). if i remember correctly there was an s missing the end of a word. also, probably just my shitty laptop, but the game freezes everynow and then, making me restart. again, likely just my ram. great game. cant wait for the full release. 

The game won't be free, will it? What price are you expecting to put on.

you can. i did. you just need to bruteforce it until you get a lucky attack patern. start with the wise, then the powerfull and then the damned. finally get lucky against the almighty using fenrir once and then attack twice.

hope this is sartire

im planing on making a game when i get better at coding so when i do i will remember you

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so this is the first time ive ever hosted a game jam. the goal with the jam is for the bored people who only see the inside of their houses. i worry that creativity is fading for game creators who are stuck inside. the  game has to take plase inside. that is the only rule. be creative and please join if you are interested.