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Sounds good. The campaign with our current DM is coming to a head (probably tomorrow) and the party is looking for volunteer DM’s to lead us onward. Though its not really my turn in the round if no one steps up I’ll consider your module.

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Approximately how many hours of game play do you think your module provides?

How much preparation is needed as DM, do I need to read the whole module first or can I read it as I go?

How do you scale the game play for level 1-5 characters? There is a big difference between level 1 and level 5.

Super cool… Some feedback. The open scene look nice, but there is no one in the bed. The love letter is addressed to “TEST NAME” “TEST NAME” is addressed again later when you get off the bus.

Nice use of ink.

日本人ですか? 日本語を勉強しています.

Can you make an HTML build?

You played an old version with a bug in this video, you should try again.

Great game, maybe the best in the Jam!

I figured out how to do it, you need to Edit your “Profile Theme” where all your games exist not the specific “Game Theme”

According to this post:

There should be an option in the Theme Editor to show a hidden game that you contributed on, but I don't see it.  Has this feature been moved or removed?


Sweet, MAC build!  Will it work in WebGL?

Love it!  But it makes me mad that I can't kill what's shooting at me.


Brilliant play though.  Thanks you so much for playing our game, it was very insightful being able to hear your thoughts as you experienced the game for the first time.  You discovered some bugs (the boy is not supposed to go the orange gate on the training level). And you missed some other bugs that would have helped you get.  We also know that the immersive training  it not the greatest.  If you want some guests on your stream some time someone can walk you thought the issues and thoughts behind the game.

Oh, cool, the link actually has your stream, checking it out now!

Yeah, cool, sorry I missed it.

Needs and easy mode!

Haha, Fun, but super hard

Yeah, thanks, I'm sure we will be showing it off at the next LA Indie Dev Meetup, since three of us from the this meetup were on the team.  I'm not sure if getting stuck on the walls is a feature or bug.  There are other bug-ish things like this as well including what we like to call the Fox elevator.

Your too good...

Okay, now try!

Wait 24 hours... This is a work in progress... WASD or arrow keys to move.

Green key is impossible!!!

Your game doesn't work.  It is complaining about not finding the Unity player.

Jacob - Team Awesome

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What are the hours each day and address of event location?

Edit: Found them here


test upload